January 21st 2020

Just a down day, this morning has a little rain in store for us, and it is a cloudy dreary day. Our group of coaches keeps dwindling everyday, we lost another three today, solar harvest this morning is nonexistent, so I will need to have a little generator time again today. There are lots of repairs and upgrades going on around us. There is a refurbished “Aqua-Hot” system being installed, there is a coach having the roof repainted, as well as lots of little projects being carried out.

This has been our second full day without the windows in the front of the coach and it is amazing how much more noise we hear, I have finished the lamps today all fourteen of them. And while a bit of a pain in the butt, it was just a time consuming slicing all the wires, the lights are 12 volt so just crimped connections. Miss Laurie is thrilled that there is so much coverage of the impeachment on the television, especially on a day that we can’t do a lot outside. But I guess that will be the new normal for a few weeks, as the drama around the president continues, supporter or not you have to admit there has been no end to the drama…like seriously!

So this evening we have decided to venture into Quartzsite to Silly Al’s, for some pizza and a little entertainment. We would normally not even try this but Ronda and Pat who we met at the rally suggested it and I just thought it would be good to get out, and we haven’t had a pizza fix like forever. So you know it’s going to be a crazy night when they are lined up out the door, but that’s late January in Quartzsite! Only an hour wait, not to bad, and so now we have an hour to meet new people in line, some folks from British Columbia who are down for the winter. And as the night went on there would be a lot more Canadian content…just saying

We are called to a table, order some drinks and pizza, the place is packed. Lots of activity and there is a band that is just starting to set up, “Wicked Truth” they are a group from Toronto, I had seen some postings on Facebook that they had performed at the split rail RV park on Monday night and that they were quite good. Just to add to our night they were introduced by Peter of the “RV Geeks” a Canadian YouTuber from British Columbia, who were there with a group from the “R Village” which is an website that you can post your location on and can see who is camping near you, I have used it in the past not never had much luck with it but it would most likely work better in the craziness that is Quartzsite.

These boys were old time rock and roll, AC-DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and the like.

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