January 24th 2020

7:28 and the sunrise is beautiful this morning, at 45 or 7 degrees, it has the makings of another sunny day in the Arizona desert, the forecast high is 21 or 70 degrees with a light breeze at 3 miles per hour, the forecast also is for some high cloud that will effect our solar harvest negatively, it does make for great sunrises and sunsets.

But as we check the forecast that is ahead for the next week, it becomes more obvious what the draws us to the ruggedness of the desert. As we watch the weather forecast in other parts of the country and the temperatures swing from ten degrees below average to ten degrees above average in just a matter of three or four days. And we certainly have had a few cool evenings that got close to the freezing point, but that normally only lasts for December through January as storms come in over the Pacific, then the temperatures start climbing back to that seventy degree range that is our target desired temperature.

Today is Friday and we need to move Thunder by Sunday, we are nearing or fourteen days stay limit here at Roadrunner BLM camping area, this is an area that was new to us, but certainly one that we will visit again, as we become more familiar with the options available. You must keep in mind that two years ago when we were here we were green as grass about the whole BLM (Bureau of Land Management) thing, in fact we were pretty green about a lot of everything as we were only a few months into the full time RV living life style.

We have become so much more comfortable with this life style, we and when I say “we” I really mean me have become much better at socializing with new aqaintenances, after so many years of being defensive from years of complaints in the service industry, which just makes you quiet cynical over time. But we have met so many amazing people over the last two years, it has been so been so great, the only down side is that now we have to try to spend time with people all over the continent, it certainly effects our travels and routes. And as we look toward the spring, we look forward to returning to all our new friends at LHR (Lake Huron Resort), as we are schedule to report for work April 20th, less than three months from now.