January 23rd 2020

Thursday morning, and nothing but sunshine in the forecast, I started the generator for a couple of hours to help get our batteries to 100%, and by noon the solar controllers had switched to float mode…batteries officially fully charged. Now I was able to recalibrate the battery monitor with the inverter, so now we again have an accurate source for the battery bank condition. Our objective is to get to a stage that the solar harvest will replenish our daily power usage.

There was another group of the rally people that headed out today, we are down to about a dozen coaches, our new friends Ronda and Pat are heading out in the morning, they are off to Tucson to visit with family, before heading back to Wyoming to their sticks and bricks. They have a 1998 Beaver Patriot as well, it was a new to them in the fall so we were able to help answer some questions about the coach, I think we all learnt some new things about our coaches. It sounds like we will be trying to make it back to this rally again next year, we have enjoyed this area, we are far enough from the highway that we get no road noise, and most of the group seem to be respectful of the generator noise, and even when the generators are running, they are quite quiet by design.

Tomorrow we will head to the LTVA to look for a spot for the next fourteen days, the crowds are about at there highest the last two weeks of January, so hopefully there will be some spots at La Possa West so that we can walk to the rock show, and the tented city that pops up every January in Quartzsite and we know how much Miss Laurie likes rocks…just saying. We may end up at La Possa South as it is a lot larger and more inviting for large coaches and it’s only a mile from the big tent and parking will be easier next week.

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