January 26th 2020

La Posa West LTVA

It’s Sunday morning and we will be on the move again today, only 5 miles (8 kilometres), but every move takes the same amount of planning. Wow yesterday was a great day for solar 320.5 amp hours, our biggest day ever. Now you might ask how a winter day in the desert is our biggest day ever…it’s actually easy to explain, while our solar array has always had the capability to bring in this amount of power we just didn’t have anyplace to put it. Remember our old batteries only gave us 224 amp hours at 50% and we tried not to take them much below 70% so we were replenishing the battery’s daily, now we are averaging around 250 amp hours of usage each day, and that is mainly because we can do more without fear of damaging the batteries, or setting off alarms because of low voltage. So now our battery bucket has more room for the solar to dump in power, and now we need a little more solar to fill that battery bucket every day.

This view every sunrise, has been pretty tough to take…just saying

A check of today’s forecast shows a high of 74 or 23 degrees today, in fact warmer than our friends in LaBelle Florida by a couple of degrees, were we make the biggest difference is on the humidity, we are thirty percent lower and will be closer to seventy percent when the sun gets up. Generally this time of year southern Arizona runs about ten Fahrenheit degrees cooler that Florida but we also run 50 to 70% lower humidity. And the only insects are common house flies and of course some ground ants. So sitting out in the evening there are no mosquitos but when the sunsets the temperature drops off sharply, like I’m talking sweatshirt required in minutes, but that’s the desert.

I got most things packed away yesterday evening, this morning only the barbecue, propane fire pit, the propane tank, and our rug are left, Then once we move I can get our flag base, most of what is left fits into the truck box, so less than half an hour will have us ready for the road, the packing is the same for 5 miles is the same as it is for 50, and in reality there will be more bouncing out of the BLM and into the LTVA than most hundred mile moves…just saying.

Well it’s 10:30 and we are settled into our new old spot, you see we are settled back into a spot that we were in two years ago, (yea garbage bins turn right) that spot. But it is close to the big tent, and we are positioned to protect the refrigerator from the sun and get the best harvest possible, the crowd is starting to thin, lots of rigs heading out, that’s why we decided not to dump for a few days, because pretty much everyone leaving will be going to dump.

I have picked up our new solar panels, another 420 watts, so tomorrow will be install day, I have the kits, the glue and a fresh tube of Dicor. So I will mount them in the morning, then I can go pick up the correct length cables to hook them up to the Blue Sky controllers.

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