January 29th 2020

Wednesday morning and we are finally settled in at LaPosa West, when we came in on Sunday we did not take time to dump so that was how we spent our Tuesday afternoon, not real exciting but a task that was do, with 8 rigs in front of us so it was a fair wait. We had showers and Miss Laurie did a load of laundry to take advantage of all opportunities that are available, and again it was our grey tank that was full, miss being able to weep the grey…just saying. We put the window shades on yesterday to cut down on some of the heat, it is amazing how much they help in controlling the interior coach temperature, was definitely a good investment last winter. I’m also impressed with the extra solar, I will get a better idea in the next few days as yesterday got messed up with us having to go in the afternoon to dump.

So I need all our friends at Oak Grove to be sure and welcome Butch and Betty Ward back to the park…we are so glad that thing came together and they were able to escape back to the sunshine, but make sure to tell them to be home by the second week of April, cause we will be looking for a place to stay on our way back from the desert…just saying.

Now that most of my little projects are done, at least for now we are planning some excursions with the Bannon’s, that could possibly involve a ceasar or two or three. It hasn’t been a great solar day as we have had some heavy clouds and even about a dozen rain drops, one thing that has came to light, I just discovered that when our solar panels are harvesting at their maximum we are suffering a voltage drop of half a volt. Now half a volt don’t sound like much but when the controllers work on battery voltage to control the charge amperage it is a big deal, and that 0.5 volts can make the difference between charging at 60 amps or 5 amps the difference between bulk and float. I suspect that I will need to upgrade the size of the cable, I think with the new panels I’m just exceeding their amperage capacity because the issue is only there at full amperage and lessens as the amperage drops…there you go my next project.

Just a snapshot of the last hour of today’s solar harvest, the yellow highlighted line was the reduction of amperage going into the batteries from near 30 amps to 0, the purple line highlights the battery level, today we got within 20 amp/hours of being fully charged. The green highlights the instant pot cooking our dinner on the slow cooker mode, it obviously just controls the pattern as it doesn’t appear to have a lower wattage mode.

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