January 30th 2020

Fake News?

As we watch the evening news, there seems to be a plethora of scams, and there is no end to the people that just seem to hand over their hard earned money to scammers, that spin some of the wildest stories I have ever heard, like seriously if someone calls and tells you to move all you money to an off shore bank account there should be so many bells ringing and alarms going off, but it still happens. So if you want to give away your money just private message me.

We then seen an amazing Mexican tunnel dug 70’ under the ”wall” and it is a mile long, it has an elevator, ventilation, electricity, like seriously that’s some serious engineering, just imagine the amount of red tape and bull shyt that would be involved in digging a one mile long tunnel seventy feet deep here…just saying

The world is trying to recreate and analyze the horrific helicopter crash that killed nine, here is the reality the pilot just got disoriented in the fog and flew into a hill, it’s a tragedy but let’s let those affected morn in some peace.

Then there is the whole Chinese virus outbreak thing that has the world running for cover, we see lots of masks out here in the desert, but it’s all about protection from dust not a virus. Why does all this shyt come from China, thats why I always avoid all the packaged food that is prepared in China, i have always wonder why so much of the frozen seafood at the supermarket is packaged there, don’t believe me, just look next time it will be either China or Vietnam. This is now apparently worse than the sars out break about twenty years ago, it seems to me it started in China also, then everybody says don’t you want to travel the world, quick answer…NO!

Then of course is the whole impeachment thing, I’m not really sure what to make of it, but in true political fashion all the layers from the Clinton impeachment era that said lying about have sex was impeachable but lying about everything else is ok now…as I always have said I have no direct skin in this mess either way but like why can someone not stop this man from saying stupid things, until the citizens make their choice again in about nine months, if he is doing as great as his supporters believe than he will be re-elected of if he isn’t that he will be voted out and the country moves on to 46. Either way this has not been a trial by definition in any ones world, as any vote seems to be totally partisan, so why did we have this political show (trial) when the outcome was a for gone conclusion?

And of course there is the big game is this Sunday, the 49ers and the Chiefs is being played in Miami, I think we have seen most of the super bowl ads already, I’m just hoping for a good football game, and maybe some decent officiating this year, after last years failures… I know I may be expecting too much from the NFL, but I can hope can’t I. We also have the Phoenix Open golf tournament this week as well, always an entertaining tournament, with the crazy 16th hole, with huge crowds…great to watch but I wouldn’t want to be there in the crowds.

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