March 15th 2020

We started our trek east today, our destination today is to some Arizona State Trust Land on Cottonwood Canyon Road, which is east and south of Phoenix AZ. We decided to dump and fill in Quartzsite as we left Plomasa Road, and even with all of that we were on the road by 10 o’clock, east bound on I-10, but had just got rolling and the overhead signs were warning that east bound I-10 was closed for an accident.

So we decided to bypass Phoenix by heading south on AZ-85 to Gila Bend to I-8 and then head east toward Casa Grande then west on I-10 again then head a few miles north to 187 then a quick right onto 387, then a right onto 87 then the left 287 bypass to 97 and lastly a right on to Cottonwood Canyon Road. This area is listed on Allstays as being BLM land but it is actually State Trust Land, both are fourteen day camping limit, but you need a permit for the State Trust Land, that was the camping permit I picked up in Phoenix last week $20 for a twelve month pass.

When ever you use these apps for off grid camping, you are relying on someone else’s opinion, so you must approach each stop with some caution. Because we were coming into the area on a Sunday we expected to find a number of weekend warriors, but also expected the area to thin out as the weekenders left. This didn’t run true as we seemed to find ourselves with some good old boys, you know the type, multiple dogs running loose, loud music, and this is obviously an area where everyone drives ATV through the desert at break neck speed because they can … they weren’t going some where like the groups in Quartzsite, no these people just run back and forth as fast as they can.

So now we will be scouting out some more areas today to see if there is a quieter area with just a few less red necks. And we found a spot about two miles further up the road and the view of the mountains is outstanding, still a few ATV buzzing around, about like Quartzsite, and haven’t had a dog running through our area all day. That mountain range is the superstitions mountains east of Phoenix, we will try to struggle through a couple of week here.

Now tomorrow’s task is to try and find a chunk of corn beef, potatoes, carrots, and some cabbage, for our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner and right now it only looks like two places at the table. Any takers in the area?

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