St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th 2020

Well this is the first St. Patrick’s Day that we have been by our selfs, I normally like to cook up some corned beef, some potatoes and carrots, and of course the star of the meal a head of cabbage and share it with friends.

I know … it was as yummy as it looks

So today we ventured off to Wally World (Walmart), it has become a form of great entertainment to just see what is happening at the local store … well today was even more entertaining than most trips.

The United States of America has taken a huge step towards third world classification, with many empty shelves, no paper products, no bottled water, no soup, no canned vegetables or fruit, no eggs, no fresh meat, and limited dairy products. So here is the real tell tale, there were all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, obviously hoarders don’t like the organic stuff, or the real healthy items.

We seen lots of people wearing gloves, masks, and carrying sanitizer … and then the other side with people hacking, coughing, and doing their best to infect every one in sight. Yes as we say, just another trip to Wally World

Not being an idiot or a hoarder, we were able to find everything on our shopping list except eggs. Yes I got a corned beef brisket, potatoes, carrots, and a cabbage. I was pleased to see the liquor and beer isle was well stocked … we hope that people are starting to realize just how stupid they have been acting, but I don’t have a lot of faith.

Now there were a few highlights on this sunny Tuesday, first of all sometimes you just meet the nicest people when shopping, we met this great couple from Tennessee while cruising the isles at Wally World today. The second highlight was that I was able to prepare our St. Paddy’s dinner using our Instant Pot in the Arizona desert using only our solar … hey it’s been weeks since I mentioned or talked about solar, but it is kicking butt! Just saying …

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