As the World Grinds to a Halt

March 18th 2020

As the sun sets over Arizona

It is only four weeks from today that we are planning on returning to Ontario, we had decided to cross at Queenston / Lewiston on April 15th. We were crossing there as I had a doctors appointment on the 16th, and hoped to touch base with family and friends before heading to Lake Huron Resort for the season. Now because of the coronavirus pandemic we will have to enter a self isolation period of fourteen (14) days, so every reason for us to cross in Niagara is now off the table, contact with everyone would be prohibited so now we are looking at our options.

Option 1: We could join the large rush of snowbirds, rushing back to the Canadian border this week and cross the border sooner than planned, the advantage of this if we do happen to get infected with (COVID-19) virus we would have some health care coverage. On the disadvantage side as full timers we would be back in late March with all the cold weather that comes with that, and with no campgrounds being opened yet full hook ups are unlikely, so our best hope would be to mooch-dock in some ones driveway for the two weeks maybe with water, some limited power and no where to dump our tanks.

Option 2: Stick to our schedule of crossing in mid April, giving the world a couple more weeks to get a better grip on this pandemic, and if we still need to enter a self isolating period than we will aim to cross at Port Huron / Sarnia and then make our way directly to Lake Huron Resort where we could work through our fourteen day period preparing the park for the season. The advantage is that while water may be limited because of the cold, but there would most likely be 30 amp power, and a dumping station. The disadvantages would be if we did contact the virus we will have no coverage thanks to Doug Ford and the insurance companies that just bail out when needed, and also any inconvenience to Bonnie and Richard the park owners, having to open the gates earlier than anticipated, and of course last but not least not getting to visit with family or friends.

TODAYS NEWS UPDATE: U.S.-Canada border temporarily closed to ‘non-essential traffic’ amid virus pandemic

The Border closing does not effect our thoughts at this time, as citizens of any country are not going to be refused entry back into their our country. Now it may effect timing as they may reduce the hours available to cross the border and it may close some smaller crossing points, because it is just for essential travel, we always travel in the daytime so I’m not concerned. We are more concerned with the possibility of BLM land and State land that we are now on, being closed and every one being asked to move on, we see notifications every day of State parks being closed, campgrounds limiting access, and peoples reservations just being cancelled.

Hell they have closed the casinos in Las Vegas, when has that ever happened before, now from my view in the drivers seat of the world, it appears that finally some of the leaders have found their big boy underwear and actually have realized that it was time to step up (now they are no where near a 10 out of 10 rating they are giving themselves) but at least they appear to now understand there is a major pandemic happening, now if we could get everyone else to stop over buying and hoarding the essentials that every body needs. But all of that thinking just brings me back to what I have always preached there is NO CURE for STUPIDITY and now or CORONAVIRUS

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