Tucson Arizona

Monday March 30th 2020

Day 1 of our trek north

This was a mixed feelings, kind of day, as we leave our little piece of the Arizona desert on Cottonwood Canyon Rd in the Box Canyon on State Trust land and head to Tucson. Our stop in Tucson is to prepare ourselves for the journey back north to Ontario, Most of today’s drive was on two lane road, AZ-79 to AZ-77 then onto I-10 for a few miles, to our spot for the evening at Crazy Horse campground, nothing outstanding, but it will serve our need for laundry and the like.

We met up with Ronda and Pat McDonald of Wyoming today as well, we originally met the McDonald’s back in mid January at the Beaver motor coach rally in Quartzsite. And Miss Laurie has been keeping in touch throughout the winter, they are visiting relatives in the Tucson area, so they stopped by the park before we went out to get an early dinner. Whataburger was the establishment of choice, as Laurie and I have never eaten at a Whataburger we thought it would be a good choice. The Whataburger chain is based in Texas and has over 500 locations there, with another 150 scattered through a few surrounding south western states. Because of social distancing we knew there would be no opportunity to eat in so we took our lawn chairs, went thru the drive through, and then sat in the parking lot enjoying our burgers, a little weird, but so are the times we are living in.

Of course as life is very interesting right now, to say the least, but while we were sitting in the parking lot eating our burgers a reporter from “The Arizona Star” happened to notice and wanted to take our picture, for an article she was doing on how people are coping with all the new coronavirus rules, we all agreed so we may make it to tomorrow’s Tucson paper … I’m lot rushing out to buy a subscription or any thing but we could be really famous here in Tucson … just saying.

So it was a short travel day only 98 miles (157 kms) and only a couple of hours, travelling time, during our time before being hooked up though the solar brought in 208 amp hours of power. Our cost for the site was around $41 but taking into consideration what it would have cost to dump and fill, and the expense to do laundry it justified the price. We fuelled as we exited the interstate, our first fuel purchase since March 10th back in Parker, so we added 43.9 gallons (166.2 litres) at $2.65 per gallon, the first of many refueling stops as the journey begins.

As Always: Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Safe …

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