Heading for the border

Tuesday March 31st 2020

Day 2 of our trek north

We are reading a lot of different reports about the state of the coronavirus pandemic, and the effects it is having on all forms of travel, besides the stupidity that is still running rampant here in the States with idiots still hoarding butt floss, sanitizer, and the like … now there are runs on everyday grocery items … people pull your head out of your ass long enough to realize you are a big part of the problem.

So as we sit enjoying our morning coffee, we are seeing more and more lock downs and closures, we had planned to settle tonight on some BLM land just north of Las Cruces in New Mexico, but have just read that all BLM land in New Mexico has been closed. So we have made the decision to just start heading north, and just find spots to stay the night as we can and where we can. It usually makes for noisy nights but it’s looking like it is going to be the only way.

So today we made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico, a little farther than I was planning for today as we didn’t get on the road till 11 o’clock, had to get everything finished up before we left. So we fuelled again today only $85 for 31.7 gallons (120 litres) at $2.68 / gallon and travelled 263 miles. And now are tucked into a nearly empty Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot, that in itself is almost a little eire, but maybe I will get a takeaway order of biscuits and gravy for breakfast, that should be a good start as we aim to Amarillo Texas, I think it’s too far for a one day drive but we will just see how far we get.

From what I have found on research, after we cross the border we are required to a complete a mandatory quarantine for fourteen (14) days, which is not a big issue it just means planning on our side, to be prepare for 42 meals, plus whatever snacks you might desire, in case you haven’t been in an RV lately, fridge space is tight. Which means a lot of meals will need to be prepared items, like canned soup, canned vegetables, fruit and such. Pastas, rice, and other dried items which would be great if they were even available to purchase. As we are hoping to head to LHR (Lake Huron Resort) to complete our quarantine, we need to have ourselves ready for limited facilities and only partial hookups as best. We were to be there for two weeks of preparation for the opening on May the first for the season, but that was before the world fell apart. We are also seeing some states deeming campgrounds as essential services, while others non-essential services, so some are open but many are not. We have now seen that most states have all the restaurants and bars closed down other than take out to try to stop the spread of the virus. As usual Miss Laurie has kept us well stocked and we have always prepared the majority of our own meals anyway, but as purchasing has become a challenge we are picking up what we can where we can.

Remember to be smart and stay safe …

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