April’s fools day

Wednesday April 1st 2020

Day 3 of our trek north

Day three finds us in an empty parking lot at the Cracker Barrel in Las Cruces NM, enjoying a take out breakfast, it’s what we always try to do for the use of a little piece of parking lot. The Cracker Barrel chain is very good to the RV traveling society, this restaurant alone has 7 RV/Bus parking spots, our coach fits fine but we have to detach the towed to fit. In this case we were able to just tuck into the outer parking ring that we were able to settle into, well because we were the only RV here and one of at most a dozen vehicles.

So you might be wondering how the drive across the country, well in the most simplest terms it’s been really good, other than trucks and RVers there is little to no passenger vehicles. In fact it’s amazing how well traffic moves when the majority of drivers on the road are professional … I talking about the truckers, no more jack asses cutting in and out of traffic, not having a clue what they are doing or where they are going to until it’s too late. Ya not even one hard braking situation because the traffic is moving smoothly, even when construction had closed one lane there wasn’t some jerk in a BMW or Cadillac cutting into traffic at the last moment!

Yesterday was just a straight shot east on I-10 for 265 miles, but today we are headed northeast to catch I-40 east of Albuquerque NM so I-10 to I-25 to US-70 to US-54 then catch I-40 east bound at Santa Rosa NM. Quite a scenic route by the White Sands National Monument the to 6500 feet (1982 meter) of elevation, the roads were pretty good, but here is my question of the day … why when a stretch of road is no longer good enough to maintain the speed limit … rather than repair the road … let’s put up a couple of dozen road signs and drop the speed limit twenty miles an hour which is still way too fast for the bad road condition … so just a simply why?

It turned out to be a bigger day than we usually, with 311 miles (500 kms) which is well over our normal day, but the day was overcast with a little high cloud, the roads were clear, light traffic, a few hours later and we are now settled into a busy Flying J for the night. Temperatures are low 80’s (27 Celsius), a lovely evening for sure. Fuel cost (rolling rent) $117 for 47.3 gallons (179 litres) at $2.48 per gallon. I’m liking the dropping fuel prices but I fear we will soon be having dropping temperatures to match, we are making good time and will be back in Canada soon.

Remember to be safe out there, and stay healthy!

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