Texas bound

Thursday April 2nd 2002

A beautiful Thursday morning here in New Mexico, clear skies, another 80 or 27 degree day, we will have a little tail wind as we head east today on Interstate 40. Our expectations are to get into Oklahoma today after cutting across the Texas panhandle, and knock off another couple of hundred miles (three hundred and twenty kilometres) off of the journey back to Ontario. We have made it to Sayer OK, and after our travel today of 236 miles (380 kilometres) we have covered over 900 miles (1445 kms), tomorrow should have us passing the half way mark, again the highways are empty, I counted the passenger cars that passed us this morning and for the first hour it was 11 passenger vehicles, trucks and RVs only but it is making for a great drive.

Thunder was performing well through the mountains yesterday, but today we noticed a little stumble on a few grades as we rolled into Texas, after we made our way up through the high plains of New Mexico. The weather has been mainly clear and warm, between the coach alternator and the solar we are maintaining full batteries, and are trying to stay up to date with the most recent virus information as we move from state to state. We have tapped out our Verizon hotspot, and are now working on our US cell phone data, which should get us back to Canada or at lest real close … so the blog is safe for now … lol

Oklahoma fuel prices, are as shown here, todays fuel 20.8 gallons (78.8 litres) @ $2.22 per gallon (with our Good Sams Fuel discount) for a total of $46.18.

Much lower cost today because most of the day was across the flat high plains of Texas, in fact the on board computer has increased our fuel mileage 0.2 mpg over the last two days.

So let’s just throw some numbers out for March 2020. Of the 31 days we spent 11 with full hookups, which left 20 days of boondocking, our total cost for camping $347 or $12 per day this included a one year permit for Arizona State Land. We travelled 807 miles (1299 kms), as we moved back from Las Vegas Nevada to multiple spots in Arizona and on to Las Cruces New Mexico as we started back to Ontario. We ran the Generator for 1.9 hours one evening after multiple cloudy days, and 4.1 hours of boiler time to heat water, and we brought in 6817 amp hours of power from solar, in fact 18 days operating solely on our solar.

We are staying in a Flying J parking lot this evening, after topping our fuel tank, we settled in for the evening. We try to stay away from the truckers portion of the lot as Flying J is already very RV friendly, and provides a limited amount of spots for us.

But this jackass has now taken three of the spots by pushing slides out on a dropped fifth wheeler. DO NOT BE THIS GUY!

As Always: Practice social distancing and be safe!

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