Travel day eight

Monday April 6th 2020

Well we crossed the mighty Mississippi this morning and are headed for Indianapolis Indiana, it is our hope to get a good day under our belt today as we close in on the border. We started today with another breakfast from Cracker Barrel as a thank you for another nights accommodation, there was only one other RV in the lot last night but we had seen lots on the road yesterday. Both Illinois and Indiana are under stay at home orders, well people from Illinois may have got the message but obviously people in Indiana did not get that message, or they didn’t understand the order, or possibly just don’t give a shyt about anyone else.

So guess where we are tonight, if you guessed a Cracker Barrel you would be right. We made up a few miles today clicking off 284 miles (457 kilometres) and that distance has us in Fisher Indiana on I-69 north of Indianapolis. So a quick check of Google Maps shows we are now 358 miles (619 kilometres) from the border, we have crossed another time line and are finally back in Eastern Day Light Saving Time, and I don’t mind telling you that is one of those things that does effect everybody’s sleep patterns.

So we finally got off of I-44 today as we bypassed St. Louis and hooked up with I-70 after a little detour for road construction and after bypassing Indianapolis to catch I-69 which will take us within a couple miles of the Blue Water Bridge. We had originally thought about heading up toward Chicago but decided to take the more eastern route toward Port Huron partiality because we remember how terrible Illinois roads were around Chicago, from previous trips, you now with all the extra road tax Illinois and Indiana charge on the price of fuel, maybe they could use some of it for road repairs, they are really the two worst states for road conditions of our trip north so far … just saying

Remember, be smart and stay healthy and well!

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