On the ninth day Michigan!

Tuesday April 7th 2020

And on the ninth day of travel we have made it to Michigan, the home of Port Huron and the Blue Water Bridge, our route back to Canada. Tuesday morning and it’s a great day in Fisher Indiana, the trees are in blossom and the forecast is for 73 or 23 degrees with rain storms overnight, we are planning on picking up our final supplies this morning and then heading north on I-69 into Michigan and hopefully getting to the Lansing area for the night.

So in the interest of proper social distancing, Miss Laurie went for groceries at the local Miejers in Fenton before we headed north on I-69 toward Michigan, there was still no eggs, or toilet paper, a number of items were still limited to one per customer, I still don’t understand the whole hoarding thing, like seriously what the hell is the attraction to the butt floss, and what’s the deal with eggs, are the chickens on strike or what, we will be fine for a couple of weeks but this has been going on for over a month!

Well we decided to push a little further to day so we made it to Port Huron, where we filled our fuel tank, and sheltered at another Cracker Barrel within sight of the bridge to the Canada. So tomorrow will be an easier drive as we climb the bridge and get back onto Canadian soil. We have had a great five months with our America friends, enjoying the warmth and hospitality that most Americans offer so freely. We do regret that this virus is causing our friends so much pain right now. I am going to show the upmost respect to those in charge of keeping our friends safe.

So the winner of worst roads of all our travels this year has to go to Michigan, now we had been thinking that the perennial favourite would be Illinois, with Indiana being a close runner up but no, not this year. No this year Michigan has stepped up to be the State with the worst roads, not an award to be strived for but I have to say these roads were a whole new level of bad.

Now just as a goodbye gift we were treated to a lightning show at dusk along with a hail storm, the hail was only about the size of dimes but it does make quite a racket on the coach roof and the vents and skylight. It only lasted a few minutes, and no harm was done, but not a very nice send off … just saying

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