And on the Tenth Day – CANADA Eh!

Wednesday April 8th 2020

Ok! After being away for a little more than five months and with the total chaos that is going on throughout the globe right now, it was especially heart warming to see we were this close to home. Actually if we could get the winter warmth any where in Canada that we can get in the lower 48 states, I don’t know if we would ever leave.

The Trump supporters have their MAGA (Make America Great Again) while here in Canada we are still great eh!

What a strange feeling as we paid our toll to cross the Blue Water Bridge to get to Canada and other than commercial trucks, we were the only vehicle crossing the border, the ban on non essential travel is obviously working. Now don’t get me wrong life will not be normal here in Canada either for a while with this whole Covid-19 pandemic going on. But the one thing I can tell you is that there will be great teamwork throughout all levels of government. Oh don’t think for one minute that we don’t have our share of crazies, the difference here is they aren’t in government, they are not in control of anything, in fact in most cases not even their own lives. Watching a Canadian new broadcast, there is lots of information, we just have news here in Canada, not fake or real news, just the news, and the real Canadian craziness here, if some one in control screws up, they step up and take responsibility and get it corrected and done right. That has to be one of the biggest differences, our politicians aren’t breaking their arms trying to pat themselves on their back while our citizens are dying from this horrible virus, oh they may do that, but only after the job is done, and here we don’t have all that childish name calling and leaders getting their feelings hurt, there has just been co-operation between all political parties as well as federal and provincial government.

Oh life is not normal here by any means. As we passed through customs we were not quizzed on the value of our purchases, no it was all about our travel and our health, and then being read the riot act about our mandatory 14 day isolation period, and how it was now law with penalties for not adhering, and that our neighbours may be nervous enough to tattle if we don’t obey.

It was disheartening last week when Trump blocked the purchase, of much needed PPE (personnel protection equipment) for our health care workers from 3M, but then why should we have expected any thing else, Trump has always said his objectives was all about America and his hope to “Make America Great Again”. Yes it is when times get tough that you get to learn who your true friends are, and as disappointing as that was for us, it wouldn’t stop Canadians from being ready to help our America neighbours to the south again as we have so many times before, some countries may be more short sighted but Canada is not that country. Oh don’t think there won’t be back lash, but it will be done the Canadian way, if we can’t rely on our allies when needed, than we will have to rely on our selves, so when things are back to normal I’m pretty sure a Canadian company will be manufacturing and supplying our health care workers with their required PPE and we won’t be relying on a foreign country … just saying.

3 thoughts on “And on the Tenth Day – CANADA Eh!

  1. Welcome home dad. Get through quarantine, then enjoy your personal spacing in the polite Canadian way. It’s good to hear you’re home. You are right. Nothing is normal. But the Canadian spirit is strong, we are in it together and will come out stronger.


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