Good Friday Update

April 10th 2020

Just a quick update as to what is happening in our little semi frozen piece of the world … As we are on lockdown until April 22nd, things are fairly low keyed here in the coach, it is a sunny afternoon and we are harvesting lots of solar again today, the temperature is cold just over the freezing point and with the wind today we have a fairy severe wind chill today, the boiler is running quite regularly, but we are maintaining a reasonable steady temperature in the coach, although it will be nicer and easier when the wind drops off this afternoon.

So what are we doing to help pass the time you might ask, well we have lots of things on the go, we are starting to learn Spanish, with the “Dou-lingo” app, Miss Laurie has started a water colour painting, and I’m catching up on some paper work, just streaming some music, trying to avoid too many cocktails, and also trying to stay away from all the snack foods, but I’m going to break into a large bag of Cadbury mini eggs later today. It’s strange we really haven’t needed anything that we don’t have yet, the isolation is not a lot different than we had been doing while boondocking or on the trek back to Ontario. It’s just the fact that we can’t go any where that’s so different, I mean we don’t need to go anywhere, it’s just the idea of not being able to that takes some getting used to.

We haven’t been binge watching any thing yet (that may come), today is the first day that we have not even ventured out of the coach, hell its mid afternoon and I’m still in my PJs, but part of that is it’s too cold to want to go out today. We still have the satellite TV, so we catch the Canadian News broadcast on line, than the American News on the satellite, to keep us informed as to the status of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, than we watch some mindless television till bedtime, most shows seem to be starting reruns so we may be switching to streaming shortly.

I think we are starting to realize, the world as we know it is changing, and not just temporary as everyone had been originally hoping … no I’m afraid it will never be the same again, we are going to loose a lot of small businesses that just won’t be able to survive two or three months of mandatory shutdown, and I don’t care what the politicians say this is going to be a long slow process to restart the economies of each and every country. And I’m afraid of what people might start doing as the money runs out, the governments can only do so much, they are too slow for the average guy that lives pay cheque to pay cheque, and the hoarding seems to be still continuing, as well as those who refuse to follow social distancing guidelines. We seen it as we drove back across the States, groups playing basketball, groups playing golf, or just gathering in groups. We are so far behind where we should be on testing on both sides of the border, both countries were just too slow to take action, is the reality. I mean if they were on top of this we should have been tested when we crossed the border, if they were serious, the problem is that the virus is being spread by people that have no symptoms and don’t know they are carrying the virus … just saying

Remember: Be Smart, Stay STRONG, and Be Well

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