Congratulations Michigan!

Wednesday April 15th 2020

Stupidity on full display in Michigan today … just saying!

Well today in Lansing MI, thousands of Michiganders gathered in protest of the governors State wide shut down … so because these people gathered in large groups with out proper social distancing to show their solidarity with some political whacks, who feel their rights are being restricted, they call a rally to prove their point, they are obviously in the simplest of terms dumber than stumps!

Obviously most of them seem to think that their lives are a lot more important than pretty much everyone else, some even said as much in media interviews (the same media, they accuse of being fake). I think this is a wonderful thing because if a few thousand of these dumber than stump people get taken out by the virus, it would just be like a little cleansing of the gene pool. I sure some of them are soon to be just become a blip on a medical statistic graph, ten or fourteen days down the road when there is a bunch of these dumber than stumps looking for some medical assistance to save their lives. Why are some people so stupid and inconsiderate?

While I know there is no real answer to that question, this does appear to be a larger than normal group of idiots all in one area … I wish no one any harm on anyone, but if it came to medically helping a deserving person or one of these dumber than a stump people, I’m afraid I would be leaning one way a lot more than the other. But with the leader of the country being so busy calling HOAX, instead of actually doing something to help save lives, I guess we may actually have an answer to the question … just saying!

One thought on “Congratulations Michigan!

  1. People in Vancouver just did the same thing. It is the cult of anti-intellectualism. A rise in the lack of trust in science coupled with a selfish conviction that “I am a free person and you can’t tell me what to do”. Very disturbing.


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