Halfway – Update

Tuesday April 14th 2020

Not much to report, we are still here in good health, we are still speaking to each other, and basically just trying to fill our days with some somewhat productive things. So you may ask what productive things we are doing?

Well let me start by saying not everything we are doing has been productive in any manner, but a few of the more productive things are we are both doing daily learning of Spanish, I am way behind Miss Laurie but that’s ok, I’m a much older dog. We are using a free app called “Duolingo” it is free but has ads and as you make more mistakes you get more ads. Miss Laurie is watching lots of painting videos and improving her skills and talents. We are staying in touch and up to date with friends and family and other full timers as we are all struggling with the situation. I have taken up reading books on my I pad again, borrowing ebooks from the library, already deep into my second book, I have always found it a great way to pass time.

We are still eating like kings with meals like spaghetti, lasagna, burgers, barbecue chicken, shrimp and the like … all thanks to Miss Laurie’s planning and talents. Canned vegetables, soups and such are common place, rice and pasta, omelettes, pancakes, lots of good stuff.

This mornings cheese and pepper omelette.

We are staying close to the coach, the weather has been quite cold although we try to sit out side when it’s sunny, we are trying to follow our quarantine guidelines for self isolation as I said we are on day seven of fourteen, and it looks like we will survive the ordeal, I looking at taking a big adventure today as I take some garbage to the bin, we are still keeping up with the world COVID-19 status, and it appears the social distancing will be going on a little longer, at least here in Ontario. And as always watching the GONG show they call the Whitehouse is a good form of sad entertainment, we have been catching up on some YouTube videos of friends and their most recent experiences, we did binge watch one show “Island of Brian” it’s a HGTV show about a Canadian couple that bought a resort in the Bahamas and the process of getting it up and running.

And I have to admit there have been a couple of days that we spent in our PJs, but we had a few days like that before our quarantine, in fact I can remember one morning driving down an interstate highway in my PJs, the joy of a class “A” coach when you get rousted out of a parking spot! Oh this life style has it’s downsides as well as the ups, we still believe it has been a good decision, and the little bumps in the road are just that, little bumps. We do wonder what the fall will bring, will we be able to travel to the southern states? Will snowbirds still be moving south? We are sure that everyone is hoping we get back to normal but I don’t think it will ever be the same, once we start to get a handle on the new reality I guess we will get a better picture, as to what the new normal will be. We are already starting to talk about next winter but it’s so far away and has way too many unknowns yet.

We have avoided, trying to empty the liquor cabinet, basically keeping a two drink a day limit, Miss Laurie is still pouring so the limit of two is still quite generous, but still quite acceptable. In fact I seem to have been abstaining, and just having a few soft drinks, no particular reason, there just haven’t been any desire for many cocktails. So that’s pretty much what’s happening in our lives right now … just saying.

As Always: Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay Well!

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