On day 12

Sunday April 19th 2020

Today has been a great day, we can see the end of our mandatory isolation period! I’m not going to say that it has been very difficult but I know we are both looking forward to moving into a social distancing period that will remain in effect for at least another month.

So today Miss Laurie set up a Zoom meeting with a few friends, a happy hour of sorts, as most of us are under some sort of restriction and at least social distancing. Today’s happy hour was with, Betty, Butch, Francine, Gilles, Shari, Bob, Miss Laurie and myself, to some of us Zoom meeting was something new and was a learning event, because in reality a few weeks ago we had never heard of Zoom. We were missing a couple of people on today’s call but, I understand it was a time zone issue (Karen) that was too blame as I was originally thinking it was because they just didn’t want to talk to me … just saying

When we crossed the border almost two weeks ago, many of the normal border crossing questions were not asked. No this time they asked about our health, our travel where and when, We were given information about our mandatory isolation, they took phone numbers, and email address, and have sent emails and have even called to check on our health. Here in Canada we were warned that if we didn’t obey the quarantine that we could jailed and fined, and we have done as asked and expected, and have remained within a few feet of the coach, my biggest trip has been taking out the garbage.

Tomorrow was to be our start day at the park in Goderich, but the latest Ontario rules to shelter in place are in effect until the middle of May, so we will see when we need to start some time next week. These are most definitely different times … I read someplace recently that it was the first March since 2002 that the United States didn’t have a mass shooting in an America school, and as we watch the American news broadcast they are reporting on a mass shooting in Canada … like I said different times.

So Miss Laurie gave me a warning today that I was to not speak of politics during our happy hour chat, and I think I was reasonable good today with keeping a lid on it. But as I watch the American broadcast cast it is very difficult not to take a few shots at what is happening. Now because we are locked down I have been doing a lot more reading, both borrowed ebooks from the library, and many articles on where the virus started, as well as how different countries have handled the virus, and not surprisingly most of the countries that handled it best were under the control of women. A fact that I personally had little problem believing, after all they are mothers used to protecting their children, and taking care of the home both thing that we as men are not nearly as good at, add a little ego to that and it’s no wonder we are seeing what we are seeing. There are a few that come to mind … the prime minister of Britain that had to be taken to intensive care after catching the virus and from what I have been able to gather had a come to Jesus minute while realizing how important the healthcare system really was. I think that our own Premier of Ontario is realizing how some of his cost cutting efforts have added to some of the issues that he is having to deal as more Ontario residents die, you can tell because, during his regular updates he seem very sincere and much more humble leader.

It would be too easy to take shots at some of the stupidity that we see across the border, but the virus infection count and the death count pretty much say it all, has the leadership failed? Everyone has an opinion on that, and I’m sure many of the opinions will be based on how every one has been effected, and how close they were to the actual infection themselves, how many family and friends died. In November the big report card will be handed down … pass or fail! I just look at what is said, put out a plan one day and go against every thing that is in the plan, on the next day, but it’s been that way for months now, it’s hard to call it “fake news” when we are hearing it every day directly, and in all reality nobody could make some of this crap up, and it appears that a certain someone has a lot of fear in what the next report card is going to say. I think the number of infections in the states may end up being higher than all other countries involved, especially with the president promoting all of these protests that go against his own Whitehouse recommendations … be safe!

As Always: Stay safe, Be Well, Keep Healthy, and try to avoid the idiots!

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