Stupid is as Stupid does

Tuesday April 21st 2020

We all remember that movie, with Tom Hanks playing Forrest, and how we all thought it was funny and entertaining. Well now we have some real “Stupid is as stupid does” and now it is happening all around us in real life, I guess the fact that some 42,000 people have died, may not seem like a lot of deaths to some people, and the fact that the number is still climbing every day should not be of any real reason for concern. After all I personally think some goof going to a gym in Georgia is more important than just staying home and saving some lives is certainly more important than him being a “buff” stupid, selfish, idiot. Hell give him a red ball cap and he could fit in with any of the groups of local idiots gathering to protest someone risking their lives, trying to save a stupid life … after all why should he care about his fellow man, or his folks, or his kids, or anyone else for that matter.

What can I say? If the hat fits … just saying!

Now I’m not picking on anyone because of their political beliefs, the whole red hat thing just seems to stand out, but if the hat fits … no body wants things to go back to normal any more than me. But would I do it if I knew it could actually kill someone, the quick answer is NO.

Would I think that opening when the death toll was still rising in my area was a good idea?

Again NO!

I mean let’s look at some of the positives, the number of cases in the United States so far is higher than any other country! So congratulations!

And that was with some of the least amount of testing! Again congratulations!

So what could go wrong? Just asking for a friend.

Well I’m pretty sure we will see the results in about two weeks, and I so hope that I am so very very wrong, because I’m pretty sure most of those science, and medical people have no idea what their talking about. After all I haven’t even seen any of them wearing red ball caps.

The real thing that everyone needs to remember about any politician is that they are always working to get re-elected, and the only reason they would care about you, is if they seen a possible loss of an election vote … cold, harsh, despicable, yes but it’s just politics. And any Govener or President that sees more possible votes on the other side of the street, you just need to keep out of their way because they will step on anyone who gets in their way.

Now a number of people think I hate President Trump, the reality is that I do not, Trump is a mediocre business person at best, the amount of bankruptcies say maybe not even mediocre, he is proving himself to being a terrible speaker, oh he is a good rally master when he can just keep repeating himself, and he lies even more than a politician, but most in the outside world just see him as a bumbling buffoon. He brags of his big brain but constantly forgets to engage it before he opens his even bigger mouth, and everyone has to acknowledge that fact, and let’s not start on his Twitter habit … it’s just too easy.

I mean really right now there are a plethora of people that proving they are in way over their heads, so move over Donnie there are some other goofs looking for attention and votes. But in the middle of all the dumbness a few leaders rise to the top, in fact one of the few leaders that is kicking ass and taking numbers has to be Governor Como from New York, just imagine the conversation today at the Whitehouse between Donnie and Andrew … I’m thinking that should be an entertaining meeting.

So that’s it’s for now, our last day of mandatory isolation, there are some snow flurries this morning, and a cold northwest wind today but as crazy as this sounds, we are looking forward to our social distancing next step.

As Always: Be Well, Stay Safe, and Avoid the Stupid ones!

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