Opening Day!

Saturday May 16th 2020

Surprise! So on Thursday our premier announced that privately owned campgrounds could open at 12:01 on Saturday May the sixteenth to seasonal campers.

We had been preparing for opening on the 19th at best, so the 16th, has kind of thrown a monkey wrench into the mix. All of a sudden five days worth of work has been jammed into about thirty six hours, and of course one of those days has had a steady rain, so a little wet around the edges, we have worked a couple of long days to get us to the spot we are at now.

It’s 7 o’clock and with a coffee in hand we are preparing for a very hectic day, we have many new protocols that we must follow, gloves, masks, sanitizer, all laid out in operation instructions from our public health board. So with a few small tasks left to accomplish and the gates opening at 10 o’clock, Miss Laurie has breakfast underway.

And amazingly it’s now Monday morning, Saturday and Sunday are just kind of a blur now in the rear view mirror, but what does stand out about the weekend, was how smooth everything worked, first and foremost was how respectful everyone was, social distancing seemed to have become almost a natural process, oh it’s different but I suspect it will be the new normal.

So a huge thank you! To both our guests as well as to Richard and Bonnie for having a process that worked. We had around 80 guests come to the park on Saturday, with no issues, either from guests or regular trailer opening pains. Oh there was the occasional blown fuse, or water leak, but nothing that was major. We now have an online store for supplies, you place your order, staff picks and bags it, you come to the pickup window, “tap” or swipe your card quick and easy and with limited contact.

Some of the new protocols are every one entering the park needed to fill out a Covid-19 waiver. The waiver just makes everyone aware of changes caused by the virus, and that if someone has been in contact with the virus they will stay away. It explains that unlike before children will need to be accompanied by a parent to walk or bike around the park, the snap court needs to be booked for use, and again a parent needs to be there … I’m thinking this could be good for some parents exercise regiment.

Our entrance now has a trailer parked at the gate to allow us to get the proper paper work signed and to ensure that everyone gets a paper copy of the rules of conduct. Every vehicle gets a covid-19 marker for the windshield, this way if the inspector from the health board checks, they know the park has a waiver for that family and as long as all the member shared the same address all would be well.

There is no doubt that life is different, but if this initial opening of society goes well hopefully the restriction will be lifted to allow community campfires with proper social distancing. Right now only people from the same household are allowed, it has made greeting old friends difficult but hand shakes and hugs may become a thing of the past … again it was reassuring to see everyone respecting everyone else’s space.

And I must add, I think I look pretty dapper coming into your trailer with my gloves and mask, to fix your issues … just saying.

As Always stay safe, be well and avoid the craziness!

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