Ten days in … to the 2020 camping season

Thursday May 28th 2020

Even our mascot has a mask!

Well we are settling into a new normal here at LHR (Lake Huron Resort), one where social distancing is just part of life. Most people at the park just seem to be happy to have an alternative to being captured at home. It is has been difficult to not greet seasonal friends with hugs and handshakes, or enjoy conversations around the campfire, but this is the “new normal” for now.

Most have embraced the new normal, and are practicing the social distancing, oh there are a few that are not convinced there is any kind of threat at all, and then there are still crazies that think it’s caused by 5G cellular towers.

In typical Ontario weather the last few days have had us in hot humid conditions, and it’s not the heat and humidity as much as the huge swings. It was just two weeks ago we had a hard freeze and broke some of the water pipes in the park, so from 27 to 86 or -2 to 28 in just two weeks. We had a big storm opening weekend with southeast winds and a lot of rain, enough to cause trees to lean and need to be removed, the rain and this weeks heat has the grass is growing, and our once a week mowing schedule is hardly cutting it (no pun intended), and of course the dandelions are out of control.

So with the “new normal” having the public washrooms closed, there have been a lot more issues with trailer water heaters, as every one has to be self contained. So I was very busy the first couple of weekends helping people sort through their problems and concerns. There were some frozen pipe damage to address, and just regular opening the trailer issues. And in as it’s not my job to fix them it’s just in my nature to try to help wherever I can. So replacing and repairing have became this years normal for me. At the park about 75% of the residents have returned, and other than the same restrictions that they would face anywhere in Ontario, life is back to the new normal.

The reality of being back in Ontario is setting in as we just spent $63 Cdn on a 60 oz. bottle of Baileys as opposed to the $14 US that we were spending for the Kirkland’s brand at Costco in the states. But as we continue to watch the gong show (White House) in the states we are glade to be back home here in the safety of Canada. And if paying some extra for my Baileys is the cost of the safety of Canada, I guess it’s a small price to pay. We just hope the states gets this pandemic all figured out by the fall when we need to head to warmer weather.

100,000 Americans have now died from Covid-19, that has to be a number that makes the rest of the world stop and think. As the leader of the country with 100,000 deaths, is playing golf and in a verbal war with Twitter, good to know he is in control … or not. As every leader is always looking to leave behind some sort of a legacy after they leave office, it seem pretty clear what will follow President Trump! To all our American family please stay safe and remain strong as you live through one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen.

Please: Remain Safe and Well!

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