Little of this and that

Monday June 15th 2020

Well the calendar says it’s June with less than a week till summer officially gets here, but the temperature remains closer to early spring. With wild swings in temperature last Monday was in the 30’s / 80’s with humidity to lows over the weekend as low as 6 / 44 degrees and throw in a severe weather warning on Wednesday where we seen torrential down pours and tornado warnings. But this weeks forecast has lots of sunshine and temperatures in mid to high 20’s / 70’s, so we may be turning the corner to summer.

This weekend marks the celebration of Fathers Day, which here at the park means the reopening of the pool for the summer, we are pushing in that direction but are still waiting for the local health board to inspect the pool, check our chemical levels, and help us set up an operational plan to know pool and pool area limits because of size and space. All part of the new world thanks to the Covid virus. With our province new Covid case count falling below 200 per day for the first time in months, let’s face it 200 is still to many but at least we are heading in the right direction not like some of our neighbours to the south, that are seeing cases in some States rising in cases again.

I can’t imagine the spikes that will occur from all of the civil unrest in areas and as the presidential rallies start again in earnest. After all most of of the red hat people still think Covid is a hoax created by the democrats, and now the race riots are the next democratic plan to unseat Trump. I know what your thinking, they can’t serious think that, but oh yes many truly believe it to be true. And with only 148 days till the presidential election in November in the States, it should be very entertaining from this side of the boarder … maybe not so entertaining up close and personal but at least it will be interesting as I can already see fear on some faces as this circus gets into full swing … just saying.

Miss Laurie and I have settled into the routine of the park again, while our days are busy, we are not experiencing the craziness of the first weeks at opening time. There was a rash of circuit breakers kicking off because of people are using space heaters instead of their furnace, but as the temperatures rise the next breaker rash will be from everyone turning on the air conditioner. The air conditioner actually draws less power when it’s running than a space heater but spikes on start up which can overload breakers. The difference in seasonal parks in Canada and the States is the electricity, in the States your power is all metered, which make everyone more energy efficient, nothing helps that happen better than a monthly bill … again just saying.

So now as we have adjusted back into the working life, I’m able to find the time to put some verbal diarrhea together and get some blog posts out on a more regular schedule, that could be good or bad, just depending or what is happening in my life at the time … and as usual that pretty much happens unfiltered or at least till Miss Laurie reins me in … 🙂

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