A day off

Tuesday June 16th 2020

So this is how I spend time on my day off, feeding the local chipmunk population in the park. Now while this reminds me of George at the cottage feeding the chippers, Mr. Sam (our cat) on the other hand is thinking more along the lines of a furry lunch. Either way I seem to have realized a lot of enjoyment from this little ritual.

This job is by no means stressful, but the weekend is reasonably demanding with about two hundred sites there are always items that end to be addressed, be it a leaking tap or an abused breaker that needs to be replaced. Although since we started checking the actual energy draw on the site we are changing less breakers as now we know the breaker is just doing its job.

What makes this job so different is we have no commute, so where most people that work a 9 to 5 job have the drive home after work to run errands, or stop and pick up supplies or dinner. So with a commute of less than 30 yards / meters from the coach to the office door, while commute traffic is always light we are never really off duty so escaping means one of us is always has to be here. And with all the restrictions that have been in place with Covid lock down the desire to go shopping has been very limited and I find it difficult to not be involved in the daily tasks as they happen around me.

We are adding a new member to our staff, to help with the weekend pump outs allowing Richard (my boss) to finally retire his rubber gloves, and the new kid will also take on a number of pool and maintenance tasks, as well as any park issues that may occur on my days off. Welcome to the team Dale, glad to have you aboard.

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