Why are some people so inconsiderate?

Sunday June 28th 2020

So this is my rant for today, first let me say Miss Laurie and I for the most part enjoy being here at the park, helping operate and manage. And as I have always said that with two hundred sites there has to be a jackass or two, it’s just reality, so as our long time readers may remember last year I had someone’s yard ape threatening to punch me out for responding to a formal noise complaint. And I was pleased to see that his site contract was not renewed, so I’m sure he is off making someone else’s life miserable this year, but we still have a jackass or two here.

So as you know I always mention that we have are a lot of speeders that think the 10KMPH park rule throughout the park don’t apply to them, you know the type and when approached they are always defensive as if how could we even suggest such they were speeding and inevitably the first thing out of their mouth is “how fast was I going?” Which tells me that they have no idea how fast they were going and were most likely speeding, but rather than being a little contrite, they have to switch into full jackass mode. Well on Friday when one of the speeders was approach, this particular yard 🦍 ape told Miss Laurie to Fuc# Off and then proceeded to speed off like the immature jackass that he is. And now is going around the park bragging about telling us to Fuc# Off, so this will not do, so I can see a little manner tune up in this yard apes future … just saying.

Next on the third day of the pool operation and I find fourteen people in the pool area and the health board has limited it to ten, so now I have to shut the pool down for a couple of hours, kick everybody out just to show how serious we are. People, people, people, again these are not the parks rules, these are the local health board rules to try to keep everyone safe from the Covid virus, and accompany large fines as well as possibly shutting the pool for the year … this is why many parks are just not opening their pools at all. It’s not as if we want to stop and count people in the pool every few minuets, I have more pressing park issues than helping people count to ten. And please don’t be a pool hog with two hundred sites everyone has to be courteous and share, these are different times so require different actions by all. Remember a few weeks ago none of this would have been allowed, we just recently moved from gatherings of five to ten! You want to see what over crowding does just look south of the boarder … Florida beaches are a good example of what not to do.

Yes this has been one of our more trying weeks, but with guests now being allowed into the park we have to be vigilant about keeping everyone safe, and we must keep records of everyone that has been in the park in case of a virus outbreak to allow the local health board do a thorough and complete contact tracing, again not the parks rules, but now just one more thing the park is responsible for tracking and keeping records to protect everyones health and well-being.

And people what is with all the whining, about every little thing, it’s like every one is just wound a little too tight right now. Be thankful that we are able to enjoy our little piece of paradise here on the shore of Lake Huron, but we all need to share nice … and if your neighbour is building a fence you could be the reason … just saying

Well I feel much better having got that off of my chest, and while some may be offended, some may be entertained, and some maybe a little shocked, if nothing more you must realize I tell it like it is …

To our Canadian friends … keep up the good work!

To our American friends … please be safe and well, and get this under control so we can come back to visit!

2 thoughts on “Why are some people so inconsiderate?

  1. Thankful for everything you do Brian and Laurie.
    It is unfortunate that there is a few people who are not thoughtful and ruin for others
    Stay safe

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  2. I cannot believe the ignorance of some of our fellow campers. I am sorry that Laurie was treated with such disrespect. Entitlement seems to be the new behaviour for far too many people. Thank you for all your hard work Brian & Laurie 💞 You are both very much appreciated

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