The next step

Friday June 26th 2020

So today the park will start allowing visitors to the park … but it comes with some rigid rules. So we will see how long it takes for someone to spoil it for the rest. The rules are simple every guest needs to be checked in so that the local health board can do contact tracing is necessary because of a new Covid virus case.

But while most will follow the rules, there are always a few that think they are above the rules …

Here is the quick version of the rule. All guests need to be from within your Covid circle and must sign in at the office, name, phone number, date in, date out, and of course pay the park fee. They must only enter during office hours to complete the paperwork. No skirting the rules or we close the visitation back down because of the health board regulations.

We also are opening the swimming pool, the allowed number of people in the pool enclosure has now dropped to only 10 and we still need to have proper social distancing, again this will be left up to the residents to use at their own risk but up to us to make sure the rules are followed or again we will have to shut it down. The pool temperatures are 25 or 77 depending your world, all thanks to the solar heater, just another use of that big ball in the sky and the long days of summer.

This will be a year that none of us will ever forget, and as we watch Florida, Texas, Arizona, and some other southern states setting records for new cases of Covid we need to keep doing what we are doing correctly. One of Ontario’s most popular beaches has just closed after two weekends of people being STUPID, so let’s not go there. The other interesting fact is that the age of people infected is moving from the elderly to now the younger people as beaches and patios open, you know the age where everyone in invincible, and while the virus most likely won’t kill them how many of their grandparents will suffer because of their invincibility?

And it’s just too difficult not to comment on the political circus playing out across the boarder, it’s almost too sad to be a decent soap opera, the Democrats have got to be second guessing themselves as their candidate seems to be set on self destruction, blaming most of the world for his shortfalls. I’m thinking a lot of Americans will be voting for a real politician this election. The aftermath of the non political experiment will be with them for years not to mention how many Americans have died because of the miss handling on the “China Plague” by their leader … just saying.

To our Canadian friends – enjoy the summer and stay safe

To our American friends – please be smart and stay well

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