Happy Birthday Miss Laurie!

Thursday July 23rd 2020

I can’t even imagine taking on this journey without you Miss Laurie, you are my best friend, we have been through some ups and downs, we have seen more places than most, we have got to experience many different things on this journey.

Miss Laurie, I cant imagine my life without out you, you are the ying to my yang, the love of my life, and our navigator on our road of life.

Miss Laurie, you jumped into the copilot seat with out hesitation, to head off into the unknown, you have been capturing our journey with your photography, your art, your collections of rocks and sea shells. Your skills and abilities seem endless at times, you are a great cook, you bake, you have adapted to this mobile lifestyle with grace and passion.

Miss Laurie, as another year passes by, your passion for life grows stronger, your ability to take on new and greater tasks, it has been great to be a part of your success. Your eye for details, your green thumb, I think you are starting to realize there is very little you can’t accomplish, given the opportunity, you are truly a rockstar!

Happy Birthday Laurie!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Miss Laurie!

  1. To the Sweetest, kindest most thoughtful person I know!! Happy Birthday Sweetie! Have an amazing day!! Love you❣️💝

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  2. You are quite the romantic Brian, beautifully written! Happy Heinz Birthday Laurie! Hope it is as special as you are!

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  3. Happy birthday Laurie – you are indeed a very talented woman and I am always amazing how you keep smiling at every one even during some crazy times. All the best in the year ahead.
    Brian what a lovely tribute to Laurie.

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