Phase 3 ….

Saturday July 25th 2020

Well for better or worse most on Ontario has entered phase 3 of our Covid-19 recovery plan, so what that allows is the opening of restaurant indoor seating and bars. Outdoor gatherings of 100 people with proper social distancing and indoor gatherings of 50, again with social distancing. And as this is happening many cities and municipalities are implementing face mask coverings for any indoor activities, so we are seeing a lot of give and take.

There are still some highly populated areas bogged down by new daily cases, but the whole province of Ontario is showing less than 200 cases per day and testing in the 20,000 range so reasonable because the testing is happening in the hot spot areas. I guess what is alarming is that it is a much younger demographic that is showing the highest increase because it’s the younger people that fail to social distance.

And just like our neighbours to the south, we have our conspiracy theory idiots, and the protesters that don’t think they should have to wear a mask, we just have a lot less and our peaceful protesters are not armed too the teeth or look like Rambo.

Everyone has rights, you don’t have to wear a mask in a store. And the store owner can refuse you entry, because he has rights also … it’s kind of a stand off, no different than no shirt, no shoes, = no service. So if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t. But don’t become a bigger idiot by berating some minimum wage employee who has been assigned to enforce store policies. Just take your rights and go home or protest or whatever it is you feel you have to do, because you are the minority, as most of us care enough about your idiot ass, to properly social distance and wear our mask.

So here at the resort the decision has been made to have a band in next weekend to celebrate the long weekend with an outdoor concert, so we are allowed a gathering of 100 people with social distancing, and with proper markers to keep everyone away from the stage and no dancing allowed, we are going to give it a go. And I think everyone will be thankful for both the entertainment and the opportunity to experience this new level of freedom. And if all goes well maybe more to come, in the future, at least here’s hoping.

So that’s the most recent updates here, at least for now. As with any relaxing of rules, there are a few idiots that screw it up for everyone, as we seen recently on the weekend in Niagara Falls. Again it’s that group that feel they are invincible, but don’t think that they could be contaminating their parents or grandparents, I mean we just have to look south to see what happens when thing are opened too quickly in the name of economics or politics, we have to let the people with the knowledge guide us not the people with the biggest mouth be it a politician or a demonstrator that just talks to hear themselves.

In closing to our American family please be safe and avoid the idiots!

To our Canadian family … be smart and don’t screw this up!

Remember Christmas is only five months away!

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