Speeders! and Cheaters!

Sunday August 9th 2020

So I bought this new app for my phone that uses the camera to calculate the speed of an approaching vehicle and, so it somehow uses the running lights to measure the speed, and I just capture the photo with the speed, date, and time. It’s pretty amazing that no one ever thinks they are speeding, now while most people act a little contrite and watch there speed going forward, there are a few that just have to act like fools and argue … like do you really think I want to get up from my chair and walk into the road to ask you to slow down and be berated by you because it fun?

Like seriously who would want that much aggravation if I didn’t need to, I’d much rather just sit and wave. But it’s not in my nature to let a few fools ruin everyone else’s enjoyment, or worse yet hit and hurt someone’s child, just because they were speeding!

It seems one of the reasons that most park guests appreciate our efforts to make the park safer, by enforcing the rules. And while we do take a lot of crap from a few people, it is why everyone else thanks us for doing our job, because it would be easier just to ignore the problems. Here is an example of you just can’t help people that don’t want to be helped, picture a child on a small peddle car, the child is to big for the car so it’s being pulled by someone on a bike and twenty feet of rope. I know, what could possibly go wrong, well Laurie watched one roll the car over and fall out, so she suggested that it was most likely not a good idea, but they continued to do it so we asked again not to do it (remember we already know there are speeders) this brought a parent to tell us that they thought it was ok and didn’t seem to care if his children got hurt. So I simply said if you don’t care if your children get hurt it seems foolish for us to care, if you don’t.

In a world where kids can’t tobogán (sled) down a hill in the snow because parents are suing municipalities for not protecting their little Johnny, I suspect the parent doesn’t care until they see a possible payday. Sorry to say that but I live in the real world, where I envision this little car flipping, dumping out a child in front of a speeder that can’t stop because they were going 28 instead of 10. I’m thinking this situation is going to go south in a hurry, if the child survives, and that’s good unless there is a permanent disability, then the lawsuits start, and I know it’s not whom is to blame that pays, it’s alway who ever has assets, because that I “don’t care” parent is now going to care a whole bunch (about the money).

I would like to think I’m wrong, but human behaviour being what it is I suspect I’m correct. As we still deal daily with those people in the park that resist following the rules, you know the ones, the ones that keep driving up the park costs each year. Well we have got to the stage where we know those cheating individuals well and every park infraction and lie now makes it to their file and helps determine who gets invited back, yes invited, so if the file is papered with lots of violations there is likely to be some shocked people when they are no longer welcomed to lie, cheat, or steal here in this park the following year. So those friends you thought you were sneaking in to the park, who are not on the Covid tracing list could be the friends that brought your stay in the park to an end. That makes that $10 dollars you thought you were cheating on seem really petty, but it is hard to change human behaviour, once a cheat, always a cheat. And with a waiting list for sites, it’s a good thing there are wheels under your rig, so you can drag it down the road … just saying.

One thought on “Speeders! and Cheaters!

  1. We saw the two boys on the bike and go cart coming around our bend and almost smashed against our rocks.
    The kid on the go cart – shorts no shoes-had he hit the rocks I am sure he would be seriously hurt. Like you, just don’t understand the parents logic.
    Thanks Brian & Laurie for keeping us safe from the few idiots out there


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