Dog owners!

Sunday August 16th 2020

Before I step onto a small rant, today marks the three month mark from opening day at the park May 16th. We have been here for over four months and Miss Laurie and I both are showing a few signs of fatigue, we work hard at trying to make everyone’s experience at the park, the best it can be. But you start to feel a little frustrated by some of the comments and actions of a few individuals, that seem to go out of their way just to cause conflict.

We sat around a campfire the other night and heard that people felt the emails sent out by the office with regards to park policy were unnecessary and were somewhat offended by them. And I can understand their thoughts, but it’s back to the same reason the warnings are posted on everything we see to day. Like why McDonald coffee cups have “Caution contents may be hot” as if I wouldn’t know that, but the warning is there because some brain surgeon, didn’t know coffee would be hot! Reminds me of Jeff Foxworth’s … “Here is your sign” if you have ever enjoyed Jeff’s “You could be a Redneck” you will know that Jeff felt all stupid people should have a sign saying so as a warning to the unsuspecting to stay clear … just saying

So the most recent email from the park covered the park “dog policy” and it touched a number of dog ownership points, like clean up after your dog … pretty much a no brainer, but every day we find a mound of dog shit left for someone’s children to play in, or my favourite, let’s pick it up in a bag than hide it somewhere, like throw it in a shrub, or tuck it behind a rock, or let’s hide it under a pylon. There is not a day goes by that we don’t deal with someone else’s dog shit!

Now we have people putting their dog shit in the garbage in the pool area or the laundry room, ain’t that going to be nice to walk into when doing laundry or going to the pool … but it happens.

Then there are the people that can’t or just don’t control their dogs, if you can not control your dog just maybe you are the problem. Every year there are the complaints about dog attacks, and dogs off leash, if your dog does not do well in social situations, than keep it at your site, or don’t bring it to the park. With every one being captured at home this year because of Covid, there are a lot of new puppies, and puppies are cute and all but they need to be trained. I see larger puppies dragging owners around the park, it is sad to watch because that will never change as the dog matures, and Miss Laurie will tell you there are no bad dogs, just a lot of bad dog owners!

And you know it’s right, I haven’t seen a dog bag up it’s own shit and hid it yet! No that’s a “bad dog owner” and I haven’t seen a dog open the laundry room to put shit in the garbage no again it’s a “bad dog owner” at the root of the problem, in fact there are a lot of people that should not have a dog of any size sort or description.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before bringing your dog camping:

  • How does your pet fit into your visit (beach, walks, social gatherings)?
  • If you leave your dog at your site how will it react (bark steadily, damage your trailer, tear up your site) remember there are many new sounds and movements that may bother your pet.
  • Bad weather, big dogs … small trailers, is a recipe for trouble.
  • How are you going to dispose of your dog shit, (throwing into shrubs or the farmers field are not options)?
  • Remember not everyone is going to be happy to see or hear your precious little rover.
  • Your dog, your responsibility, most people don’t want your dog marking every plant on their site, or pissing on their grass.
  • Muzzle your pet if that is what it takes to control it, remember brining your pet to the park is a privilege not a right!

3 thoughts on “Dog owners!

  1. Unacceptable that you Brian & Laurie have to deal with this kind of behaviour by people who are thoughtless and uncaring.
    This weekend was especially challenging as I watch dog owners with their dogs.
    Some of the commentary about the Parks’ pet policy at the beach felt like “high school chatter“- I decided for my well being, it was better not to comment ,but will certain keep an eye on the dog owners.

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  2. Great post, I am a dog owner who takes a dog camping and the abandoned poo bag thing drives me nuts, who do people think is going to go around and pick up the poo bags, that is almost as bad as not picking up after your dog. I have a high drive, large dog and I have put hours into training to make sure her behaviour is socially exceptable, just wish everyone would do the same. It is as much about the dogs safety as everyone else, just wish people gave more thought to that and just how easy it is for an out of control dog to cause problems.

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