Diesel Fuel

Monday August 31st 2020

So last week I tackled a huge project, it involved removing all the fuel from the diesel fuel tank and then flushing clean fuel through the fuel tank.

For those that have been following us for a while you will remember that we purchased some bad fuel last November in Arkansas when heading to Arizona. And we have been paying the price for sometime now with multiple fuel filter changes as we added miles. So the plan was to use every fuel can that the park had, and a number of plastic pails to hold the half tank of diesel fuel. So after five fuel cans and four pails we found the bottom of the tank … the tank holds 100 US gallons (378 litres) the gauge read half full so the after pumping more than 180 litres out of the tank filtering it through a screen and a filter I was able to remove the tank drain plug.

So I started by purchasing a fuel pump with a metal strainer, mounted it to a plank than added an inline filter to the outlet so that as the fuel was removed, it was filtered into the fuel cans. While not the fastest way I felt that cleaning the fuel as I went was the prudent way. So the removal of the fuel took most of the day, then after removing the plug in the tank I added a valve that I could attach a hose to to catch and re filter the the fuel that I used to flush the tank with. So with the tank empty I poured about 20 litres of fuel back into the tank to hopefully flush out any sediment.

So with the fuel pump re emptying the tank and filtering everything over again, it was time to start putting the fuel back into the tank. So using the fuel pump I again filtered all the fuel a second time. Some might say overkill but because as much as I took every effort to ensure all the containers were clean, I just felt it was the right way to go. As you can see I purchased one new (yellow) diesel fuel can which holds 20 litres (5.3 US gallons) which I also figured may be a good investment for our Mexico trip this winter.

That was how I spent last Tuesday, so now I just have to change all the fuel filter again, and I will use the new fuel can to top up the fuel tank so that we are ready to roll as I replace the motor fuel filter I will also change the fuel filters on the generator and the boiler, then get everything fired up as the temperatures here are starting to drop off at night, like 52ºF (11ºC) last night which seems a little too cold, much to early. But after one of the warmest and most humid summers I can remember in many years, maybe I’m just getting a little soft … just saying.

And because I haven’t mentioned solar forever, I just have to say all the fuel was pumped using our solar suitcase to power the 12 volt fuel pump …

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