57 days

Tuesday September 1st 2020

Well I really don’t know where to start today, there are so many things happening all around us that are out of our control. We are 57 days from the park closing for 2020, and as wrong as it may sound, I’m looking forward to that day! We are 64 days until the American election, which we see as a turning point for the U.S., good or bad but definitely a turning point. I have 17 more days of doing sewage pump outs, the good news there is that each one will be less busy than the week before. Likely less than 15 pool openings and closings, which means less than 90 more pool water chemical checks.

Yesterday we got the bad news that Miss Bonnie has re broken her collar bone, not good news for any of us, as we watched Richard pace around like an expecting father. September is always a busy time with all the 2021 contracts being due on the 14th, and now Miss Laurie is going to be busier than ever. But our thoughts are with Miss Bonnie for a quick resolution to get all fixed up, and another surgery is looking like the only solution at this point.

And as some people decide to leave the park, for whatever reason, it will open up some badly needed sites for the people on the waiting list for next season, there are also two new park models landing this month, which means lot preparation, to be ready for someone’s next adventure. And of course this is the time of year when everyone is complaining about pretty much everything, it’s funny when it’s time to pay how many things are wrong. The thing is we have concerns as well like how many times you broke the rules, many we have recorded, that they thought they got away with … yea a busy time, but also entertaining as we hear all the excuses and “I didn’t know that was a rule” … yea right.

This time of year brings on lots of projects as we prepare to put the park to bed for the winter, although we are in pretty good shape this year. Some more electrical upgrades to ease some of the loads next year. Septic tank maintenance for the winter, and a couple of changes to have I place for next year to again ease the additional pressure that we have seen this year with more people in the park for longer periods.

The American election is going to be an ugly event, with all the propaganda being spewed as it gets closer. My favourite is the mail in ballets that are no good because of fraud but are ok for some people … so it’s only fraudulent if it’s not your ballet? Ok that make perfect sense no “one has ever said” of such stupidity. It’s like you can’t push and pull at the same time, kind of like defunding the postal service right before an election or the Christmas season of giving. Only an idiot would think that’s a good idea, or someone trying to avoid letting people vote … just calling it what it is, if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is probably a duck!

I must say that I’m very surprised that there has not been a Covid outbreak traced back to the park as so many people have not been obeying the social distancing rules, and so many’s peoples bubbles have so many more than ten (10) people, I can point out lots of cases where there have been gatherings of more than ten, and masks are not being worn when the 6 feet (2 metres) apart. And of course they still don’t register visitors so if there is an out break there will not be complete contact tracing but I guess if you don’t like your friends it doesn’t really matter. So I think we have been lucky so far but as school goes back I expect the cases will climb again, because parents are setting some really terrible examples for their children.

So in many ways it will be good to get back on the road to get away from the unknown here with children playing with all the different children, and with all the people that let their guard down with too many groups intermingling. We have people in the park from higher risk areas in the province that don’t seem to act accordingly. I think it was when visitors were allowed into the park that lots of people quit following the rules, which endanger everyone else. At least when we are on the road we get to chose our situations, now we are forced into uncontrollable situations that we are not in control of … there is a lot to be said about being isolated some place in the Arizona desert … just saying.

Please stay safe … avoid the crazies … be smart and well.

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