Christmas 2020

Friday December 25th 2020

Even Mr. Sam had to stop and just stare out the window as Goderich has certainly had a true white Christmas. Who knew that to qualify to be a white Christmas, that it had to be snowing at seven o’clock on Christmas morning … I mean who picked seven o’clock, why not eight o’clock, or a range of say between six to ten o’clock? But on the other hand Goderich would have the requirements in any or all of the fore mentioned times … just saying.

As Ontario prepares for a pandemic lock down, tomorrow morning at 12:01 am, and with multiple warnings from all levels of government to only be with your own household, Miss Laurie and I spent a quiet Christmas Day, isolated from all family and friends. But making use of the electric range in our rented stick & bricks, Miss Laurie cooked a turkey dinner with all the fixings.

So as of tomorrow only essential services will be open, and at only at twenty five percent of their capacity. Restaurants are back to takeaway only, no more eat in option. And this is suppose to last for twenty eight days, we are thinking it will most likely push on until very close to spring, in fact as the virus case loads are far worse in this wave than the original wave, I suspect spring 2021 could be more restrictive than 2020 was, yea I know like fun wow.

And what could be more Ontario winter than multiple snow squall warnings during Christmas day? Well it has been a year for reflection so we spent time today remembering Christmas days of the past few years, so 2019 found us enjoying the desert in Why Arizona, I am pretty’s sure it rained on Christmas Day, but I know it damn well never snowed. 2018 found us enjoying Christmas morning on the beach in Sanibelle Florida, our biggest concern was the application of sufficient sun tan lotion … again snow was not a concern, although I do remember taking to family and hearing how cold it was in Ontario. And then 2017 our first winter away would have found us in Why Arizona, it was a very warm day the found people looking for shaded areas as we enjoyed a Christmas pot luck dinner with others from Coyote Howls West park. And now we are captured in the great white north in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus vaccine has started to roll out across Canada, but it’s not the magic bullet to end this pandemic that everyone is hoping for. The fact that there are multiple vaccines already approved just shows what can be accomplished when there is no restriction of money getting to the correct sources. The expectation is that it will take till fall of 2021, to get the majority of the Canadian population inoculated, and the consensus is it that 75% of the population needs to be inoculated to provide reasonable protect from the virus. It is our expectation that we will need to have had the vaccine to be able to get health coverage to travel and may even need proof of it to gain entry to the States next fall.

Of course I’m sure there will be no shortage of people that will be anti-vaccine, no different than the flock of people that were anti-maskers that couldn’t understand that their rights were not more important than rights of the rest of the population. They were not quite as ignorant to actual facts as the group that was sure the pandemic was a hoax, but real close, I mean believe what ever you want, but rather than endangering the rest of us that are trying to be smart and stay safe it would be nice if you could at least act like an grown up.

As we are closing in on another Christmas Day in to the books, the snow seems to have let up a little, we may even venture outside tomorrow to clean up some of the snow. Or we may just wait another day till the wind quits blowing the snow around. This will be a Christmas that will be remembered for a life time, although I expect not fondly. I know according to the calendar we are only four days into the winter season, and I think we have had enough already.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and here is to a better 2021

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