Happy New Year 2021

Sunday January 3rd 2021

Sorry for not publishing a blog before now, but I have been really busy cleaning up paper work as we prepare to close down our rental business. Making us just another causality of the coronavirus pandemic, for some reason there hasn’t been a big demand for commercial dishwashers with all the restaurants being closed or reduced to just take away food service. Certainly this was not how we had foreseen the future, but as we look ahead, I truly expect this lock down to go on well into the new year, in fact could run right thru till spring if we don’t start taking it a little more serious. They have started the vaccine distribution here in Ontario, but this is not going to be a fast solution, no silver bullet, in fact we are most likely looking at fall of 2021 before we will have enough herd immunity to start to bring the virus under control, and I can only imagine how many people will lose their battle with the virus by then. You just need to look at some of the Facebook holiday postings and its easy to see who has not been following the provincial guidelines.

New Years Day 2021 / Lake Huron Resort / Site 217

Well what can I say. This was not the winter we had planned for, January 2021 should have found us in the beautiful but rugged Arizona desert some where in the Quartzsite Arizona area, temperatures should have been in the mid 60 to 70 (18 to 25) degree range with overnight temperatures dipping close to the freezing mark. But it was not to be, no this winter finds our coach parked in the snow at LHR. But like everyone else we have had to readjust our plans, and just play the cards we are dealt. The Baja Mexico caravan that we had book for February and March of 2021 has been postponed till next year so the winter of 2022, if our American friends can get the pandemic under control enough to open the borders. So needless to say we have had a very quite holiday season with no visitors or visits.

On a brighter note we have been able to increase our ability to take more and hopefully some better photos for our Facebook and blog postings, there seems to be a fairly steep learning curve, and I’m trudging up that hill and hope to be cresting the summit by early spring. Miss Laurie surprised me with a drone as an anniversary present, but I can not fly it at the house because we are in a restricted fly zone because of the Goderich airport. So practice will be limited to trips outside of the restricted area, so far I have made only three very short flights as I’m battling with all the different components required to make the drone fly, let alone trying to work with the camera portion, although the picture above was take from one of the drone flights.

I will admit that I am working on a 2020 review and as usual it takes me look back into the past year which brings lots of photos, and adventures, as we were very busy early in year in Arizona and Nevada, back when this whole pandemic as just another hoax as declared by some of the people that were suppose to be in charge … just saying

So all the best in 2021, and please be safe and well.

One thought on “Happy New Year 2021

  1. Happy New Year Brian & Laurie! Certainly not the weather or location you had expected to be but always the positive people, you are making the best of the situation.
    I am sorry to hear about your business – such difficult times indeed.
    Hoping & praying for better times ahead.


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