Bye Bye Picton Street

Wednesday April 14th 2021

Back on the road again, well not quite, but at least back on wheels … yay!

So looking at the screenshot of my phone can you tell what day we are moving back into the coach? Yep you guessed it on the 7ºC (45ºF) day, after a week of great temperatures, temperatures as a Canadian would say all in double digits (11º to 22ºF or 52º to 72ºF) and were actually finishing our move during what looks to be a cool rainy week.

That’s ok last year we were back in Canada on April the eighth and we had a couple of snowy days before of fourteen day quarantine was over, this is what we loving refer to as the shoulder seasons. The time of year when the weather is totally unpredictable with huge temperature swings in both spring and fall.

Today I’m at the coach moving some items, putting things away as we prepare for moving day and its sunny and 21ºC (70ºF), I have the windows open for a cross breeze, the coach temperature is 30ºC (86°F), but I will be in a fleece hoodie next week … just saying

It has seemed like it has been a very long winter for us. I have spoken to many local residents that have told me what a mild winter it has been, and all I can think is that this has been a great reminder as to how much we apreciare our southern winters, where we whine when it gets uncomfortable in shorts when the sun goes down and we need to slip on our blue jeans with a hoodie to sit outside to enjoy a campfire.

Now I know I’m most likely looking in the wrong area for any sympathy, but this coronavirus pandemic sure has been tough on a lot of snow birds without taking into account full timers like ourselves. So having been able to find a furnished home, that would allow us to stay for only five months has truly been a bonus, but has never felt like home. It’s been more like a staying at a distance relatives house with really bad beds … just saying

It is Saturday morning and as I look out the window of the living room over the over grown shrub that blocks some of the view, I can see the tree across the road has taken on a green hue as the buds are breaking. So just maybe we are going to have an early and open spring, that would be a blessing if true, but I’m also watching the news and can see that Ontario had more than 4200 Covid cases yesterday.

Well I guess that is to be expected being just one week after Easter, so now we know just how many people got together over the Easter celebrations. You see everyone thinks they know so much more than the specialist, even here in Goderich which has kept us isolated from the big surges that follow after each holiday, we have seen an increase in cases.

And know because of those inconsiderate people that can’t follow the guidelines, the whole province is again under a stay at home order to try to protect those that don’t have enough common sense to look after themselves. This will make some of the little modifications that I have been working on just more difficult to complete, oh well as long as “Joe Goof” got to spend Easter with his family I’m sure it was worth it.

It’s now Wednesday morning, April 14th, we spent last night in the coach. It was like coming home after an extended vacation, and by this morning the whole world seems to almost make sense again.

So today we have a few items to retrieve from the house, and of course a final cleaning, a last load or two of laundry (one thing you learn on the road – make use of free laundry when you can), and tomorrow it will officially be the end of our five month rental.

Now technically we don’t start to work at the park until the 22nd of the month, which would give us a few days to just relax, but because spring seems to have come early to the area. So lawns need to be cut very soon, then we will start the process of preparing the park for long anticipated opening. At this point we are expecting to open on schedule, but with the coronavirus case count at an all time high, and the opening a little more than two weeks away, we will be at the mercy of the health boards.

This was our Welcome Back sunset!

One thought on “Bye Bye Picton Street

  1. I miss Lake Huron sunsets.
    Glad you guys are at the park already. Really looking forward to seeing you guys and being up at the camp.


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