People! People! People!

Friday April 16th 2021

I just posted this photo yesterday on Facebook that one year ago we were in our fourteen day quarantine after returning from Arizona.

I remember thinking how lucky we were as Canadians because everyone seemed to be following the stay at home order and the Ontario case count was only 494 with 51 deaths and now a whole year latter the case count in Ontario is 4,736 with 29 deaths reported.

So what the hell is going on and why are our numbers so out of control? Well I may not be the brightest crayon in the box but even to me it appears that the big difference is attitude, today everyone is experiencing something called “covid fatigued” and/or they just don’t seem to care anymore. We have all seen them on the television interview after a anti-whatever rally, telling everyone that there is nothing to be afraid of, because they aren’t afraid of some silly virus (that has killed more than a million people). And in most cases its because they either are unable to understand the science behind what our doctors are telling everyone or they read someplace on Facebook (because Facebook is where all the real important information is recorded) that it is just a hoax, according to some has-been president. And actually no one seems to think this most recent stay at home order can really apply to them, and I can only assume that is because they think they are very special (because that’s what their mommy told them they were once) or something.

It’s amazing that two weeks after every major holiday there is a huge jump in coronavirus cases, and since Ontario has been under stay at home orders over both Christmas and Easter. So lets go way out on a limb and make the assumption that one or two of those very special people decided to try to kill off some of their closest friends and family members by exposing them directly to all those anti-whatever rallies that they had been attending. Now I also understand that not all these new cases are caused by the very special people trying to kill off their family and friends, and in some cases people that are what we refer to as essential workers are being infected at work places. Just today it was announced that 82 workers were infected at a Cargill meat packing plant in London Ontario, so either the employer failed to provide a safe working environment or they have one of those very special people working there in between those anti-whatever rallies, who knows for sure.

Cargill plant in London, Ont. to halt production after 82 workers contract COVID-19

What I do know for sure is that one year ago more people were staying at home and were avoiding public places a lot more then they are today. I watched the traffic reports on television this mornings news in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and there are still traffic jams, a year ago there were no traffic jams, because there was NO TRAFFIC, because people were staying home. Is it possible that all that traffic is causing the GTA to be the driving force of the increase in the coronavirus case numbers?

Now today there is rumblings that there will be more restrictions coming to Ontario because the present restrictions are not being followed or being enforced. So I’m thinking that any new restrictions that are brought into effect will just be ignored by all the very special people any way so until there is some enforcement of the restrictions its all just more noise.

So I’m expect curfews to come into effect before the weekend, which should bring out even more very special people out to protest the new restrictions at which time I hope we see some of those very special people spending some very quality time in some sort of lock up which will have the same effect as staying at home when they were told to … just saying.

So people stay the f##k home!

3 thoughts on “People! People! People!

  1. Big protest planned in Niagara Falls for Saturday! “Special people” – obviously none of their family have had to bury anyone!!!


  2. I have been trying very hard not to use stupid to describe what is going on right now as well as those creating the issues, but it is becoming more difficult as the “very special” people gather in groups of more than one. And I can only imagine what the “very special” people are protesting, obviously some huge inconvenience to their special lives … just saying


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