Spring? Update!

Monday May 10th 2021

April 29th 2021

Well it has been a busy few weeks.

As we were preparing the park for opening day, we have had some crazy Canadian weather. I woke one morning to a very chilly coach, the temperature was 11°C (52°F) in the coach and -3°C (27°F) outside, the water line to our coach was frozen and I said a little prayer that we wouldn’t have any broken water lines in the park.

We have worked about fourteen days in a row, some days we had a little rain, some days we had a few snow flurries, and we even had some days that were warm enough for t-shirts. But the forecast is looking warmer for the next week but it is also showing rain for 6 of the next 7 days. Ahh spring in Canada!

So what have we been doing one might ask?

Well I have been working on new electrical breaker panels to complete two new power lines, it meant removing the old panels, wiring the new boxes, installing the 30 amp plugs on the panels, and mounting the boxes and completing with circuit checks, Next was charging the water lines on both sides of the park along with leak checks. Then there was a long list of trailers to open for the season, this task is very time consuming was we power the trailer, start the refrigerator, attach the water line, flush the antifreeze from the lines, un-bypass the water heater. Next we start all propane equipment, furnace, stove, and the water heater. And if it’s not too complicated I try to set the clock on the microwave and range, so when the resident gets here they just have to do a little spring clean up, fill the cupboards and fridge with food and beverages, and make the beds before being able to enjoy their escape. As of this afternoon I only have a few with minor issues to complete.

Miss Laurie has been working in the gardens, weeding, mulching and planting. Removing the winter protection from the shrubs, followed by pruning, and the splitting of some of the perennials. And the preparation of all the vacant sites which are all now sold, some raking of leaves, repairing some sites after some stump removal last fall. And then all the store and office items as we now ready for the new season.

April 30th 2021

So when do we open?

And here is where the Covid-19 pandemic laws seem a little crazy here in Ontario. The park, because it is a seasonal park, is allowed to open the gates to anyone with a full season contract, but we are not allowed to open the office or store until May the 20th at the earliest. This might seem ok accept the whole province is presently under a stay at home order. Which means that no one can legally drive to the park, and with some of the seasonal people living in the hot spot areas for the pandemic, it could make for some uncomfortable situations. This most recent round of restrictions are all because of the hot spot areas in Ontario, which were already in a grey restriction colour zone while we here at the park we were in a yellow restriction colour zone, but because the people in the grey zone were not following the provincial guidelines and were traveling to less restrictive areas, we are all now locked down again same as we were in last December.

I expect that many people will break the law and come to the park on opening day, rightly or wrongly, is not ours to say, for people traveling from low case areas the risk seems small, but anyone coming from the hot spot areas obviously the risk is much greater. There is talk that this area may do spot checks and fine those breaking the law, but that could just be talk because nobody seems to take this very serious. But with close to 4,000 new cases daily in Ontario, it seems very serious to me, and while I have had my first vaccine shot, I also fear an outbreak from the park which would shut the park down for a period of time, that would be a real shame just because someone “special people” wouldn’t follow the rules.

May 2nd 2021

So all and all the opening weekend of the park is going well, we found a leaking water line on Saturday that required the water to be shut off to the south side of the park, on Sunday we were able to find the area of the leak and replace it, but we had to hand dig a hole over a metre deep to find the split pipe, between a trailer and a fence – it’s never easy.

The rest of the week will be spent with cosmetic items, such as mowing the lawns, cleaning up the lookouts, cleaning the debris from the beach walkway, cleaning equipment and getting it stored away in the work shed. Gravel is being delivered to those who purchased it, all the roadways have been graded, the lane has had areas graveled and the big road grader/maintainer has got it into great shape, the dust control will be done as soon as it is available in our area.

Well the opening has just passed over the weekend, there have been many people in to open their trailers some just came in for the day a few stayed overnight and some are settling in for the season. None of the park facilities are open with accordance with the present lock down measures until May 20th, unless the lock down is extended which is certainly possible, although with the increase of vaccinations we may see the end to some of the restrictions by mid summer. I also expect that a vaccine passport or some proof of vaccine, may become a neccessaity to travel and to gain access to different events, I personally think it would be a great idea to prevent the “special anti-vaxxer people” from infecting the regular population.

I also know that some my find my thoughts may be a little controversy, but I really don’t care as I for one think its only fair that those smart enough to protect themselves should not have to worry about being infected by those who don’t care enough about themselves to take precautions.

May 3rd 2021

The season is off to a great start, we have to get the park mover repaired, maybe too many trips down the rough lane is one possibility but what ever the reason abuse or age it will be a major undertaking. The big issue is timing as its spring and the grass is growing like crazy … so to prevent a hay field time of this repair is of the essence.

May 8th 2021

The adult daycare season has started with people unplugging other peoples trailers in an effort to get theirs powered up and opened, which has led to some raised voices and hurt feelings already, and of course we have to get dragged into the middle of it to act as a referee.

OK people rule #1 Do not unplug someone else’s trailer, ever, ever, ever, period!

And of course the regular dog shit problem is back after just two weekends with people here some are already not picking up after their dogs. That sounds like a repeat of last years dog shit dilemma all over again, so at least some things in the world remain consistent.

Rule #2 Pick up after your dog, it is no one else’s responsibility to pick up after your creature.

So as we close in on the first Canadian holiday weekend of the season, we expect the park to fill up no matter what the provincial regulations are at the time, Miss Laurie is booked for her first vaccine shot next week, which is good. With our vaccines taken care of and hopefully the border opening by mid summer we should be clear for our adventures to resume this coming winter … yeah!

So as I close this blog out, a special thanks to Don for fixing and welding our mower deck in such a timely manner, another thank you for all the people that have been following the Covid-19 guidelines in the park. I would estimate that almost two thirds of the park have been in to open up for the season, a lot just have been in and out the same day. We are waiting to hear what is going to happen with the lock down and any possible extension, but with the seven day average sitting at 3120 cases a day as of May 8th 2021, compared to the 427 per day average of May 8th 2020, it seems quite likely. And with just a little walk around, even in this park there are enough “special people” that either have not read they the guidelines or just don’t care about the rest of the people as we see them gathering in clusters – at least they keep to their own.

On a quick trip to Goderich for a post office visit on Saturday, I noticed a gathering of “special anti-mask people” protesting in the town square, so my theory is if they are able to keep gathering they will ensure that people get infected and the case counts will stay high enough to allow the “special people” to keep protesting, making it kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Stay well, wear your mask, get your vaccine & avoid the “special people”!

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