Lockdown Extended!

Thursday May 13th 2021

Rant Alert!

Ok here it is.

I me start by saying that I have had no problem doing my part to help curb this pandemic.

But when I listen to the mayors (Brown and Crombie) from the Peel Region, which is the region that is the main reason for the whole province being in a lockdown, and just a week ago they told everyone how terrible the virus was effecting their population and we had to do more to protect them and now less than a week later they are on television whining about how outdoor thing should open up this week.

To this all I have to say is people, you can’t suck and blow at the same time!

This from mayors that can’t even control renegade gyms that have defied the lockdown order in their region, from the beginning of the lockdown. I watched Toronto’s Global news yesterday and they showed basketball courts full of people not wearing masks, and this during a stay at home order. It just adds to make the continuing case count numbers more understandable to the rest of the province.

To extend the stay at home order that no officials seem to have the balls to enforce because the GTA residents don’t care about themselves or their neighbours, while denying the rest of the province that has been following the guidelines some repreave is just an act of stupidity and ignorance.

Ok that’s all for now, I feel much better with that off my chest, but I’m still locked down until at least June 2nd … Thanks GTA

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