Victoria Day 2021

Friday May 21st 2021

Well, it’s Friday morning of our first long weekend of Ontario’s camping season. The weather looks promising for most of the weekend, with milder temperatures, possible rain on Saturday, but Sunday and Monday looking a little cooler but dry with some overcast skies.

As you can see the trees are out in full leaf, here at LHR (Lake Huron Resort) as you can see Thunder between the spruce and the white birch. We certainly missed the Arizona sunshine to pre-tan to prepare for the summer weather but we spent our days off this week on the beach and a day of grass mowing and I have a pretty good base for the end of May. The grass looks lush but the ground is very dry, hate to say it but we need a nice slow rain for a day.

And this holiday weekend finds Ontario still under a “stay at home” order that no one is obeying anyway, and in true last minute style yesterday the government announced that multiple outdoor activities such as golf, are allowed to reopen on the Saturday of a long weekend, while the “stay at home” order is in effect until June 2nd.

So another mixed message on the pandemic front, “stay at home” but you can go golfing or engage in other outdoor activities, then they add confusion by saying five (5) people can gather but they failed to say where they can gather because we are still under a “stay at home” order till June 2nd.

So know we will play ten thousand questions, as people who have already breaking the “stay at home” order, now start looking for how to work the new rules for their benefit. Oh the joys of management with ever changing rules and guidelines … jus’saying

We have been presented a three (3) step reopening plan after the third wave. So, this time the whole province is at the same reopening, this is obviously to stop the hot spot area people from region jumping which is good as it should protect us from the region hoppers. But now we are going to be effected by the “anti vaxxers” as each stage is dependent on vaccination rates, with the first stage being 60% vaccinated, and increasing vaccination numbers with each stage.

Well it’s just after lunch on Friday, this morning I got the swimming pool pump up and running, next week I will work on the leaks on the solar system. I also re-mowed the common area, trimmed the empty sites for those who are actually obeying the “stay at home” order, that only seem fair.

So, after lunch I think I will wash the dust off with a shower and just kind of kick back for the afternoon. Kind of prepare myself for the weekend warriors as they roll in, which will most likely keep me busy, as evening approaches and the natives come to life.

Well that’s today’s update. I hope our Canadian families have a great Victoria Day weekend. And to our American family have a great Memorial Day weekend next weekend, we are missing you all very much and I’ll run the stars & stripes up the pole next weekend in your honour.

Be safe, stay strong, and get your vaccination!

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