What’s not Bugging me?

Tuesday May 25th 2021

I know this is a little different direction for me but a couple of things that need to be said about things that didn’t bug me this long weekend.

First and foremost, while holiday weekends can get a little out of control with celebrations, this weekend was very respectful, with most people enjoying the first long weekend of the season while the province was under a “stay at home” order. Of course you have to have a couple of “special people” but with all things being taken into account the majority of our residents enjoyed the outdoors, while obeying the guidelines.

The second thing that didn’t bug me, was our May 24th long weekend was the great weather, I have experienced a lot of May 24th weekends in Ontario and I have seen more cold wet weekends than I have warm sunny weekends. This one had a little very needed rain on Saturday morning and it did cool off Sunday night but all and all it was one of the best I can remember.

The third thing that didn’t bug me was bugs! Very simply we get lots of biting insects here in Ontario. Mosquitoes, Black flies, Ticks, to just list the most annoying of a long list, and from many years in Ontario’s Muskoka area spring black flies drive most people indoors and mosquitoes can nearly eat you alive all camping season, and of course the invasion of ticks to a lot of southern Ontario, which can cause Lyme desease which can be debilitating , we seem very blessed here to be void off almost all of those insects.

I can remember when Richard told us three years ago that there were no mosquitoes here at LHR (Lake Huron Resort) and I just laughed, having lived my life in Ontario and battled mosquitoes with chemicals, and scents, and burning devices. In fact when in the Niagara region it was just a given that if trying to have an outdoor event a major part of the planning was to plan some type of mosquito protection for visitors to our home. So to be able to sit outside around a campfire without covering ourselves in a repellent is amazing, let alone to say more enjoyable.

When we so south in the winter one of the things that we take into account are insects, most people from Eastern Canada go south to Florida where we battle mosquitoes along with a never ending supple of annoying insects. While a winter in Arizona is almost insect free, oh Arizona has lots of scary insects like trencillas and such but they are all hibernating when we are there. Now of course most plant life is more than willing to attack you if you get too close, but they don’t attack while sitting around a campfire. Now the scarcity of firewood makes campfires expensive, hence or propane fire pit to sit around, and the bonus to propane, no smokey smelling clothes, when retiring for the evening.

Remember stay safe, be well, and get you vaccine!

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