Election update

Wednesday September 8th 2021

I have tried very hard to be quiet during the federal election, although I did state a while ago when it was first called that I felt it was a mistake to call an election now. And I’m thinking right about now there are a boat load of liberal candidates out there that would most likely agree with my comment with twelve days left to go in the campaign.

With Canada caught up in the fourth wave of the coronavirus, and some of the provinces struggling to get a grip on the skyrocketing case counts, Alberta being the poster child for what not to have done, during the pandemic. And the situation in Alberta was obviously a knee jerk reaction by a provincial premier fearing a defeat in the next provincial election so he lifted all lockdown restrictions too early and the healthcare people are now paying dearly for his choices, and we are seeing similar results in many of the southern states where case counts are out of control as well, states like Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, just to name a few.

In actual fact the internet has people believing that by drinking a livestock deworming veterinary medical product that it will ward off the coronavirus, now mind you these are the same people that won’t take the vaccine because they don’t know what is in it. This has to take us to a whole new category of “special people”, like seriously when you will take horse and cow medicine, but you won’t take a proven vaccine prevention to protect your self … yep that’s very “special”, and it’s also enough ink on this topic, but I’m still shaking my head.

So the other day poor Justin Trudeau had people throwing handfuls of gravel at him, now you may not like him or his political platform, I get that. But what kind of “special person” decides because they are not being acknowledged while they are protesting their anti-vaccine stance makes the decision that they should start throwing handfuls of gravel at our Prime Minister? So is this what our political campaigns are turning into, the American style smear ads, and nothing but negative comments, type of political campaigns, you don’t have to tell me what the party in power did or did not do, I’m smart enough to see their failures, but what I want to hear is what your party is going to do to improve our current situation, but we are not hearing that from many candidates.

Obviously the cost of housing has become a hot topic with many young voters, because the price of homes is getting beyond the reach of so many, I don’t think there are any quick answers to rectify the pricing of homes. Long term planning and a deterrent against real estate speculators is the best to hope for.

The topic that has some wound up is gun control, and I know my American friends will be surprised to hear that very few Canadians are carrying a gun, and there are a number of guns are restricted here in Canada. And a number of gun enthusiasts thought it would be an election issue but it hasn’t been that big of a deal, other than some flip flopping by the Conservative party which seems to have caught some of their own candidates off guard.

And the topic that has got the most of the press has been the anti- vaccine protesters that are mad because the Liberals have stated that mandatory vaccination is required for most federal government jobs and that vaccine passports are coming into effect in most provinces with federal money helping. And this will give a lot of businesses and organizations the ability to insist on the same. This should keep us out of a fourth wave lockdown by keeping those unvaccinated people safe by keeping them away from the events that could spread the virus such as restaurants, cinemas, concerts and the like.

So if you watch the polls, which I always find entertaining it looks like another minority government again, and the poll numbers are so close that I wouldn’t want to call it. And I also know the only poll the really counts is the one on Election Day!

So in closing this blog I think the police should be charging every one of the gravel throwing idiots, I think the candidates should step up and tell why they deserve my vote instead of why someone else doesn’t, I also think that everyone of them will fail to do what they have promised if elected, because they always do. And after 36 days and millions of dollars wasted, we will be no better off than we are right now. Our healthcare people will still be busy nursing the “special people” back from COVID, and the “special people” will still be taking the dewormer, and protesting reality, in hope of a Devine intervention. Or at least that’s how I see it from my driver’s seat!

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