9-11 20 years later

Saturday September 11th 2021

First and foremost this blog is not aimed at being a memorial to 9-11, there have been lots of those memorials, edited by much better authors than myself. We watched some of the tributes and the heart touching memorials at all the different sites earlier today, and yes they still bring those feeling of unbelief rushing back. Anyone old enough to remember that day can still tell you where they where and what they were doing as the world watched airliners fly into the world trade center buildings, I know for fact it will always be in my memory.

As horrific as the attack was, and as unbelievable as it all seemed there was a unity in the United States that seems to have been lost, no one cared what nationality you were, no one cared what political party you supported, no one cared the colour of your skin, but everyone cared that you were ok, everyone cared that you were safe, and every one stood together as the great county that the United States is, or should I say was.

To see the way that this once great country The United States of America is being torn apart by every little thing, be it racism, or the political divide, hell right now they can’t even agree about a pandemic that has already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, yet I can’t help but think of all other countries that opened their arms to help the thousands of Americans stranded in the air when the United States air space was closed, and a little town of around 10,000 residents, Gander Newfoundland, a town in a province of Canada that most of those people had never heard of. But those people accepted plane load after plane load of stranded American passengers around 7000 in total and those residents of Gander, they just opened their town, their homes, as well as opening their hearts, to do what ever it took to get everyone of those passengers feed and safe until the the United States could get control of the situation and get those people home.

And as naïve as I am, I actually thought that the United States, would reunite like it has so many times in the past when faced with hardship or conflict, to beat this pandemic, you know work as one to overcome this deadly virus but as the outside world has watched sometimes even with horror as it seems to have further increased the divide.

Leaving me wondering just what has happened to The United States of America, as we watch these memorials of the 9-11 attack and remember the U-N-I-T-Y of every one helping every one and now we are seeing a true lack of unity … so I am hoping that the reminder of the attack against The United States of America, 20 years ago will jar some of those feelings of unity again and I hope United States can be UNITED again.

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