Week thirteen @ CMR

August 7th thru August 13th 2022

Sunday morning and at 7:45, Mister Sam is snoring on the big bed, and Miss Laurie is up and the coffee is perking. Today is Laurie’s shift in the store and she starts at 8:30, for a seven hour shift. I’m catching up on the local news, as there are a number of forest fires burning on the BC mainland and it is nice to know that there is still no fires on the island as of yet. As of last Thursday at noon the island is now under a total fire ban, so for now everyone has to be very vigilant as things seem to dry out so quickly here, the lawns are starting to brown even though they are watered nightly.

Mister Sam on the big bed!

One of my projects last night on my shift was a new key hook, we have so many different keys, and they were all previously hung in big rings on a small brass hook, which made finding the correct key more than just a little challenge, so this new key hook should make life a little easier.

Our new key hook

I also applied today for a Membership with the Elk’s Lodge of Canada, they now have a “Member at Large” category which should allow us to stay at some of the lodges around the country. A lot of their lodges offer inexpensive camping spots that have partial hookups, usually water and/or power. The overnight rate varies depending on the location of the lodge, some have a couple of sites, while others have a large number of sites. It just adds one more option for our overnight stay’s, as more and more locations are becoming of bounds. And it’s sometimes difficult getting a spot to stay while exploring around busier areas, the lodges often are located in metropolitan areas and some even offer inexpensive meal or events to entertain their members, and all support helps.

Well I guess since Miss Laurie has already let the cat out of the bag on Facebook, so I may as well tell everyone that we are going to spend 45 days in the Mexican Baja this fall, in fact we have just received our trip itinerary for this adventure, because of other winter commitments we will be confined to just 45 days, as some of the caravan participants will stay in Los Barriles for the winter season, while the rest of us will return to Arizona in December. While we have no real fear of traveling in Mexico, we think a caravan for our first trip will be an excellent way to learn the ropes, we will learn some of the better boondocking spots as well as some good campgrounds to make the journey easier. There will be a lot more information, as the time moves closer, well there you go. Mexico here we come!

Today is a glorious day, with lots of sunshine with a light breeze, 27°C (81°F) and only 56% humidity, Mister Sam and l are spending the afternoon in the Clam, I’m pecking away on the blog and Sam is watching the bird action. The only bad thing about this afternoon is that Miss Laurie is working in the store and with my shift starting in a few hours, me having a couple of cold beers is probably not a good idea.

My shift was reasonably quiet, biggest concern tonight was gangs of kids, moving through the park, and of course there is always one that has to holler at the top of their lungs, just to prove that it is their turn to play the fool. Tonight’s task was removing and disassembling the drive shaft on the lawnmower, it is what drives the blower portion that powers the cut grass into a bin, the ball bearing on one end had failed, so needed to be replaced, I needed to get it apart so they could get some replacement parts on Monday. So my shift ended at eleven o’clock, and I crawled into bed around midnight.

Monday and I’m awake at six o’clock this morning, it’s looking like another sunny day, this is my Friday as I have one afternoon shift left, while Miss Laurie has a full day in the office, the shift she dreads as she is working with staff members that are part of the dream team and don’t feel they have to actually work. So she was on her own for around two hours (obviously a big lunch) and even when there are two people there some people just won’t answer a phone call, there is no team work involved in some cases.

My afternoon shift was nice and easy, other than getting called out because someone reported a campfire that turns out to be a propane fire pit, just too many busy bodies, the majority of my evening was spent reassembling the drive shaft on the lawn mower and reinstalling it. After that I was installing and wiring lights onto the new golf carts, so they can be operated at night. The gangs of kids must have departed, as there was nobody howling at the moon tonight and I returned back to the coach by eleven and after an hour of audiobook headed to bed by midnight.

Tuesday and the start of my three day weekend, and I rolled out of bed at 7:45, a nice easy start to the day. Miss Laurie was perking some coffee and frying some bacon for a toasted bacon sandwich, a great start for a day off.

Miss Laurie has to work today, ten till five in the office again today, but today there will be real help in the office, I will spend some time again today trying to organize photos on my hard drive. I have been working on this for a number of weeks, we take a lot of photos, and keeping them organized is a real task and some how we have ended up with duplicates and eliminating the duplicates has been time consuming. But an hour or two here and there and I’m getting closer to successfully getting them organized.

Today’s project is the fresh water tank, this is a leak I thought I had fixed last fall, but was back this spring, so it is time to repair the leak for good. Last fall I had used a product called “Flexseal“, and while it did the job for the trip south, and held the tank full of water almost all winter, it started to leak on our trip north, so I had to dump the tank and place a portable heater in the basement to dry the carpet. And then I just pouted that I had to repair the leak all over, and besides pouting I did a little research. Because the leak is at the tank drain area near the bottom of the tank, there is a lot of pressure exerted by 100 US gallons of water, add to that that there is also some flex to the plastic tank, and I suspect the “Flexseal” just didn’t flex enough, and because the leak is at the coupler for the drain, I found a product, it is an epoxy, made by a company called “JB Weld“, this product is called Water Weldand is a two part epoxy that you kneed between you fingers until it is all the same colour then you work it into the area of the leak. And once it is cured should be able to withstand 1300 psi, whether it can or not makes no difference, because the tank itself couldn’t withstand that much pressure. I will let it cure overnight and continue to check it tomorrow.

Miss Laurie prepared fajitas for dinner tonight while we caught up on the news, before watching some YouTube videos, till turning in at 9:30

Wednesday morning and I wake at seven o’clock, it wasn’t the best nights sleep that I have had, too many air conditioners running, all night long, it wasn’t that hot or humid, but some people just have to leave them running. Maybe it is just so they have the controlled noise to cover any outside noises, or maybe it’s because the electric is included in the site fee’s, and they just want to use it, either way it can be annoying for people sleeping with their windows open.

Day two of my three day weekend, and Miss Laurie made pancakes for breakfast this morning, as we watch the morning news. I’m going to put some water in the fresh water tank and see if my repair from yesterday is going to hold, Miss Laurie is going to Duncan for the weekly supply run. She prefers it when I don’t go, apparently it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper when I’m not along. If I was the sensitive type I might be hurt by that, but I’m not sensitive and I’m not hurt, so off she heads as I start filling the water tank.

I can see the water level rising and once it is over the drain connection, I slide in to check for leaks, it’s now close to half full and holding well, so now I’m going to paint the area with the “Flexseal” product and recheck the repair. We just don’t need it leaking again, especially when we are boondocking and traveling south this fall.

We decided not to head out on an adventure today, the morning was overcast, and rain is in the forecast, not an all day rain or anything, just some possible showers. So it sprinkled during the noon hour, and by two o’clock the sun was shining, the area really does need a good rain, but it’s not looking real promising for that to happen. And after moving to the Clam and grabbing a cold beer it is trying to rain again, open the Clam flaps then close the Clam flaps, rain if you want just decide and I will execute as required.

Miss Laurie purchased some sweet corn today, we always like a good meal of sweet corn, it was always a sign that summer was here, but it seems real late this year, maybe it was the cold wet spring in British Columbia. But better late then never, we also had a great video call with Bob and Shari late this afternoon, we haven’t seen them for some time and it was great to catch-up, South Carolina is in their winter plans again this year. After dinner, we watched the news, before some mindless television before turning in for the night.

Thursday morning and I’m awake before six o’clock, so after tossing and turning for half an hour I just get up, Mister Sam rewards me with some valuable lap time, but he keeps getting distracted by the birds at the windshield feeder. I’m catching up on this week blog, while tweaking a few others, now that we have the new hub everything seems to be a lot easier, I haven’t lost any work since and that has been a real time saver.

We are off to Nanaimo again today, Mister Sam has his after surgery check up appointment with the vet today, and he is hoping for an OK to get his hard kibble back, he’s not a fan of our feeding schedule, after many years of just grazing when ever he liked.

Well we just returned from Mister Sam’s vet appointment, the good news is that his dental surgery is healing well, the bad news is that there will be no hard kibble for Mister Sam yet, and he has another appointment in early September to recheck his healing, so maybe then. It turned out to be a great day with lots of sunshine, we have settled into the Clam, and Mister Sam has resumed his task of watching the birds that are frequenting the feeders, it is obviously a tough task as he has needed the occasional nap while completing his shift.

It’s hard to believe that three days have passed already, but it has, we’re barbecuing pork chops for dinner, and after the news we will catch up on some television shows that we are getting now. I cancelled our River TV streaming service today, there were just too many little issues, the most annoying was having to re-activate the television streaming box every few days, which was just a time consuming annoyance. Then add to that Stack TV offered 2 months service for $0.99 and it became a no brainer switch, plus we are able to catch up on some of shows from last summer’s viewing. So we are now catching up on Oak Island before turning in at ten o’clock.

Friday and a 6:30 start this morning, I have a day shift today, which will start by opening the clubhouse before heading to the swimming pool to vacuum the pool this morning. Miss Laurie made bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and I headed out the door of the coach just before 8:00, and my day came together pretty much the way I had expected, there were approximately 30 departures today, and everyone was considerate and left by the checkout time, so all sites were cleaned by 11:45, then I had a plugged toilet in the pool washroom to clear out for the cleanup crew.

After lunch it was a clean up day, I was able to finish off the GEM EV with the set up of an external battery charger, so I wired it to make it easy to connect and disconnect with a polarized connector, it is not as high amperage as the original charger was, but for the amount of use that the EV will actually get, I can’t see any issues with this set-up. The balance of the afternoon was spent helping the staff to prepare for a “Garage Sale” that is being held at the park on Saturday, and I’m just going to leave it at that.

I made it back to the coach shortly after 4:00 and decided to pay some bills on line with our new internet hub, we have been using this new system for just over a week, and this is more about updating information on the hub than me paying a Visa bill. So here are some quick numbers 244 Gigabytes have been downloaded and 40 Gigabytes have been uploaded, download speeds as high as 132 Mbps and the upload speed around 15 Mbps has been a daily consistent, there have been a couple of slow downs but it has not real been an issue even when streaming live television, so after a full week it’s still two thumbs up.

Dinner tonight will be burgers, our normal go to dinner for Friday nights, we are back to using the Costco Sirloin burgers, we tried a number of different burgers recently and they just don’t make the cut, the problem with the Costco burgers is freezer space, we are still using the original fridge and planning the best use of the space is always a concern. After dinner and catching up on the news and a couple of YouTube Videos it was an evening of the curse of Oak Island, a series that is in it’s ninth season, about hunting for a stash of gold on the island in Nova Scotia.

Saturday and it is another early morning 5:30, which was good with Mister Sam, as he got some of his cheerios, well they are not real cheerios that is just what we call his regular kibble (because they are the shape of cheerios), and because of his surgery we have been soaking his kibble so he has been limited to the amount he gets, and how often he gets them. So my early rising was met with some love from our kitty.

Garage sale? Oh why oh why would a transient campground have a garage sale? I could maybe understand it if this was a seasonal park. but this makes absolutely no sense to me, I was asked if I was available to help drag stuff out this morning, I declined. The number of staff hours involved in putting this sale together will never be recovered by any amount of sales, and the best that I can see they are just selling crap that has been left behind at campsites. That’s one thing I have noticed with transient people, if they are here for their two weeks of holidays a year, they may purchase a cheap barbeque on sale someplace, use it for the two weeks and then just abandon it. So the sale is just mainly stuff left behind or no longer required by the park, either way I can not see it being profitable.

Mister Sam and I spent some time in the Clam this afternoon before my afternoon shift at 4:00, the day is a bit overcast, and there has been talk of some rain, but other that a little sprinkle, it doesn’t appear to be anything, at least not enough to worry about moving items. I’m also caught up on the blog, so if thing go well and my evening is quiet, it should publish shortly after midnight

Well things didn’t work out quite as I had hoped, my shop load was just rebuilding one picnic table, along with my regular locking up and security checks. It was noisier evening that usual, as there were still people on the mini golf until nearly 10:30, and for many that is not a quiet sport. But other than that, there didn’t seem to be many sites of concern, and the sites that I had been warned about seemed to be quiet this evening.

I noticed that the dream team was headed to their site at 10:45, and within ten minutes I received a text complaining about noise from the site next to theirs, so I went and spoke to them about noise, and they seemed hurt that someone had complained about noise again. So, my evening stretched out till midnight with my time directed to a site that I really didn’t see as an issue, so I just couldn’t get my head around finishing the blog for an early publication. Oh well as Miss Laurie has told me there is less than six weeks to go…

We have not been missing the August humidity

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  1. Brian & Laurie- very excited to hear about your trip to Mexico. Is this the same trip that you had planned about two years ago?
    Brian – Nice work on the shelf for the keys – it looks nice and I am sure it is very efficient.
    Take care.

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