Merry Christmas!

We have made it back from the Baja!

OK. I know we have been off of the grid for a couple on months, and actually it has been kind of nice, I have been working on blogs all along, but have not been able to publish any for over a month.

So we crossed back into the U.S.A. on Thursday December 22nd, we had no issues at the border, U.S. Customs was a breeze, we did have some issues getting into the correct spot to enter the line up at the border but I cover that in a blog that will publish soon. We stopped in Yuma AZ to pick up some supplies to get us through Christmas, fueled Thunder, and made it to Dateland AZ where we boondocked for the night. On Friday we made our way to BTA (Boyce Thompson Arboretum) where we are going to volunteer for the rest of the winter, we pulled in here around noon, and only managed to get partially set up, but that will be a task for tomorrow.

Saturday has been a day of true site setup day with, everything being dragged out of its storage spot, and our site setup, rugs, sun shades, tire covers, unloading kayaks, bikes, roof rack, a quick wash of the toad. Miss Laurie is doing laundry, washing the bottom of the coach, tire covers and the windshield sun shade. And now I just thought that I would put together a quick blog to let you know that all is good in our world.

So Merry Christmas every one (notice I did not say Happy Holidays), and I will get back to regular blogging in the next week or so.

Christmas stockings on a fireplace mantel

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Day 1909

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and Laurie!  Glad to hear you are safe and well!  

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  2. Welcome back Brian & Laurie ! It’s good to hear from you & happy that you have made it back to Arizona .
    Merry Christmas 🎄 Look forward to hearing about your stay in Mexico and your road trip back to Arizona.

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