Happy New Year!

So we have survived another year, the year 2022 is all but done, and with 2023 arriving in just a few hours we have many things that we are looking forward to.

Normally at this time of year we are bombarded with all the top stories of 2022, along with all sorts of lists, such as the most prominent deaths, top news stories, top music lists, then there is always a whole bunch of New Years Resolutions that in most cases never make it past mid-January. Well that’s not exactly how this blog is going to go, so there will be a little review, with the mention of some highlights, and of course some lowlights, and then a little peak into the new year to come will include.

And in true Buchanan tradition let’s start with 2023 (after all 2022 is now almost ancient history). So this January through to the end of April we will be volunteering at The Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum, a pretty amazing way to spend the first four months of any year. Then we will be heading back to Canada, Ontario this year to be exact, there will be a few stops on the way back east but we are planning to be back in Ontario before the May 24th long weekend! I think we even have a campsite booked, where we can celebrate with a great bunch of good friends and even listen to some live music!

The rest of the spring and summer we will be in Ontario, with lots of catching up with so many friends and family, because of next winters plans we will be kicking around Ontario until early November before heading south toward Florida, where we will be touring and boondocking in the warm humid southern weather. So all in all not to eventful for the winter of 2023 – 2024, there will be no Mexico or Arizona adventures out west, as we will just tour the east coast this year!

Now looking back at 2022, there is much to talk about, many highlights and lowlights, our adventures either seemed to be home runs or strike outs, it was a year that had us covering many miles, with so many great new sights, our work camping position was not as we had expected or hoped for. Vancouver Island was amazing after the first 28 days of unending rain, trying to get anything done on Vancouver Island was difficult, no one seemed to want to work, and if they did it was crazy expensive, and that’s when compared to anywhere else in Canada. I knew that most people from Alberta disliked people from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, well almost everyone else in Canada, but British Columbia is working it’s way there as well.

Our little thirteenth week vacation was definitely 2022’s highlight, as well as meeting some amazing new people, and seeing beauty new sights, we made lifetime memories, checked a number of things off of the “bucket list” most of which have been already been explained about in previous blogs or at least blogs that will be published in the near future.

Happy New Years from the Buchanan’s

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