Avatar: The Way of Water

Let me start with saying how much I (we) loved the original Avatar movie, in fact so much so that we went to see it twice on the IMAX 3D screen in Buffalo New York before we were full-time, way back then, and we also have a Blu-ray copy of the original as well that we watch regularly. So to say we were looking forward to this little outing would be a bit of an understatement, so we have purchased tickets for the three o’clock matinee in Mesa, at the IMAX 3D theater just 30 miles (50 kilometers) down Highway 60, then after the 3 hour and 12 minute movie we will head to Costco to pick up more supplies at least that is the plan.

We were somewhat surprised when we asked people if they wanted to see this movie with us that some had not yet seen the original Avatar yet, and others thought three hours was just too long for a movie. I’m not mentioning any names but you know who you are.

The original Avatar movie took place on a far far-a-way planet, that some the “Sky” people from planet earth were trying to harvest of its “unobtanium“, but they were also destroying the planets inhabitants as well as the magical plant life. It ends with the “Sky” people being sent back to earth with out their desired “unobtanium” as the planets inhabitants along with the help of a couple of human heroes defeated the bad guys.

Now I’m not going to spoil this movie for any of you who have not ventured out to see it yet. But I thought this movie was a great continuation from the original, as with most of James Cameron’s movies, the details were unfathomable, the 3D FX I believe make seeing it in the theater a must and in an IMAX theater another level of viewing pleasure. Miss Laurie thought some of the scenes could have been shortened and there was to much graphic content in spots for her liking, but was certainly happy to have seen it and loved the 3D IMAX effects.

Now things did not go completely as planned, but that really should not be a surprise. In fact we did the Costco visit first, being a cooler day we did not worry about keeping things cool, and we had our cooler with us for the meat and frozen items. We also stopped at an In-N-Out restaurant for lunch before the movie, this was our first adventure to an In-N-Out, but will not be our last … but more on that later.

One and a half thumbs up from the Buchanan’s

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