A Catch Up Day…..

Well to say it has not been a good solar week is very much an understatement, yesterday only brought in 93 amp/hrs, so we are subsidizing with generator power. Which is fine but it is noisy and burn fuel. Still far cheaper than the site charge and we are more centralized here than at the site.

We had neighbors overnight, Bob and Shari Bannon crossed the boarder late yesterday as well, and have pulled in beside us for the night. As I’m writing this Bob is trying to get his generator running, but it keeps stalling out, it sounds like a fuel supply issue. I suspect their batteries are low as it was only 33 degrees here so lots of furnace time overnight, we shut everything down and tuck into bed and fire the heater when I wake up, our batteries are only at 74% this morning so not far from our own generator time, temperature in the coach a toasty 54 degrees…lol

Well a new exhaust on the Sport-Trac so we should be good for a few years, Bob and Shari have moved on to Fifty Point Conservation Area for a couple of weeks, we will be there tomorrow. Full hookups for the Easter weekend, we are having dinner this evening with Gino and Marlese, they own an auto body repair shop in St.Catharines and we have been good friends for more than twenty years, and will most likely be doing some work on both vehicles before we head south in the fall. As we are heading to Lake Huron on Monday we are trying to cover a lot of ground in a little bit of time.

Dinner was great, good to catch up with close friends, they are preparing for a Easter dinner with their kids and grand kids, so a busy few days as everyone prepares, seems like there is not a lot to update everyone about but some times that’s good.

For those who were wondering about the refrigerator, still running since the last time I cleaned the jet three days ago so I’m claiming a victory on this one. The temperature has been better in the low fifties over night, and forecasting in the sixties tomorrow but windy

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