Moving Day

Ok we are only moving about 30 miles today, but it will take a little work just the same. We had a good solar day yesterday 174 amp/hrs, batteries fully charged first day in 3 days, the solar is so high because no other source of power yesterday no generator or drive time, the batteries were quite low, we are parked at the peak direction to maximize the sun. So here is what the solar was able to do that the generator could not, solar carried the full load of the coach yesterday plus slowly charged the batteries to 100% and then maintained any load as long as there was sun. This morning the monitor shows batteries at 88% from when the sun went down to now as I watch the sun rise at 6:35 this morning as we will be producing power any second now. Producing power is so easy, fast, and efficient we just need more storage – ahh – the charge light just flicked on.

I will have to fill with propane today as we head to our hook up site, I’m not just sure how big the tank is, but because when we have full hookups only the stove uses propane and on the road only the refrigerator and cook top use propane so we last topped off the tank last year, the gauge is showing less than a quarter of a tank but never reads more than three quarters so I’m not sure an the actual level.

So the northern trek had us traveling 1550 miles, we will have been 11 days since being connected, all tank readings are still mid tank level, so two weeks boon-docking is quite easy for us. We drive short days like a five hour day is huge for us, we plan to avoid the most traffic in the big cities, but we just plan about a day or two in advance, and it’s still effected by weather and the like, that is why we sat an extra day in Erie PA, because there was snow flurries on the Monday so we just hunkered down till Tuesday. If you book campgrounds or sites ahead of time than your committed to keeping a certain pace which may not always be what you would like and may put you in a difficult driving position because of weather or traffic.

Well we just had the propane tank topped off, 99 litres of propane to fill it, last time we filled it was in October. I have often wondered and been asked how large the tank was now I know, it must be a 30 gallon tank. And now all our Canadian family has that puzzled look because in Canada we talk about how many pounds the tank is…so as a point of reference or conversion a 20 pound tank in Canada is a 5 gallon tank in the States, so in Canadian out on-board tank is 120 pound tank.

Point of interest – so far it is only Ontario that rips off everyone that fills a barbecue tank, everywhere we have been in the states and all the provinces east of Ontario all sell propane by the gallon or litre. Only in Ontario so far have we been overcharged for propane. To our US friends in Ontario the put propane tanks on a scale and fill them to certain weight, which would be fine if we only paid for the amount you got but all 20 pound (5 gallon) tanks would be charged $20 whether the were empty or half full….can you say rip off

Well we are settled into our campground and have all the creature comforts again, stay tuned because tomorrow I will rant about campers who can’t drive….lol

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