Family & Friends:

Happy Easter to all our Christian friends, Good Friday is a holiday and we will be enjoying Easter dinner with Laurie’s family today, looking forward to seeing everyone, it’s been since October if you don’t include Face Time. Laurie only has one brother, he and his family live in Stoney Creek, and it’s only with their help we are able to live this nomad life style, so we owe them a lot, mail forwarding and other necessities that are difficult to obtain on the road, and throw an international boarder in there for half the year it becomes invaluable. This week has been all about visiting family and friends before we head off again, with so little time in the Niagara area we will not be able to see everyone but will see as many as possible.

Bob an Irina on Saturday, hopefully my brothers and sister on Monday, I know Laurie is visiting friends in Pelham Saturday morning, the days fill in fast and I need to round up some items before we head north.

We will be returning during the summer for appointments and planned events but we are going to be three plus hours away from Niagara, and we will be working all the weekends this summer so visiting will not the easiest during the week.

Travel updates are limited as we only went 29 miles yesterday, solar production yesterday 158 amp/hours, weather was overcast but very warm high 60’s low 70’s range, sat out and had an adult beverage with Bob Bannon and I actually said it felt hot in the sun, we are at Fifty Point Conservation Area park, with many of the people we seen last spring and fall, we are here about 10 days earlier than last year so some of the regulars have not made it north yet, with full hookups and 30 amp power we are enjoying unlimited power…long hot shower, laundry, convection oven time, all the things that boon-docking makes difficult, I just heard the ice maker….lol.

Today is a cold and rainy only in the 40’s and it looks like this weekend will be rainy as well, nice to have an electric heater keeping the chill out of the coach, the trees are just starting to but and new growth on the grass. Lots of birds and squirrels to entertain the cats, Mr. Sam got some outside time yesterday and Mr. Divot got a little walk about.

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